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  1. I will also buy it from expansys, never had problems with them! drop_ship possible? maybe it fell off the ship xD
  2. If I buy it, I will buy it online... so I hope its fine because is a pain in the ass to send it back! :s
  3. Hi, I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo and I'm thinking about selling my current phone to buy this! So I came here to ask you guys that already have it if its worth the change! I really like the xperia team at xda and all off their works, I don't know nothing about Acer and if this phone will have at least half off the popularity off the 2011 xperia phones about developers and roms. I know this is too early too ask about developing, my really concern for now before buying this is about the problems reported by other people, like, dead pixels, phones that stops booting from nothing... With my xperia neo and an older samsung galaxy spica I never! had hardware problems, and I'm always changing kernels and roms on both phones! And for last, I came here now from a google search about Acer s500, I knew MoDaCo's forum from before but only now I create an account, so if this thread shouldn't be here please tell me, on xda foruns and samdroid.net there is developing and general topics, but I didn't found them here. Thanks, and eager for a good answer from an owner of this phone :D Diogo

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