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  1. For some reason my phone has stopped playing a text message notification sound. I have tried about everything there is from settings sound and from settings within messaging but I can't get it to work. I did notice the Vol up/down button on the side of the phone, if I press say Vol up and the slider bar appears onscreen that , if I press on the cog/settings and I slide the VOL on any of the four sliders that appear no sounds can be heard , it should raise and lower the VOL but it doesn't. All's that happens is the phone vibrates when I turn the ringtone down to nothing. Anyone know how to fix this ?
  2. I'm trying to root and flash my sons Samsung galaxy ace 2 (GINGERBREAD 2.3.6) but I can't access the sd card. I have tried 3 different sd cards all formatted in the phone but when I put the correct "root" file onto the root of the sd card using my PC I cant access the sd card in recovery mode. For some reason when I go into recovery mode it will only let me see the internal memory files and not those on the sd card. It says /sd card but shows the internal storage files. Here's some more info ;- Abit more info here ;- the phone is from Spain originally on Movistar and still boots with the logo. the CSC is XEC spain when I put the "root" file onto the formatted SD card and go into recovery mode i get this message on the phone in blue writing , takes about a minute to boot to recovery ;- -- copying media files . . Successfully copied media files. # MANUAL MODE # -- Updating application . . Copying contents. Successfully updated application. -- Appling Multi-CSC . . Installing Multi-CSC Can't access to '/system/csc/XEC/system/' . Successfully applied multi-CSC. then I get these choices ;- reboot system now apply update from sdcard wipe data/factory reset wipe cache partition I then select "apply update from sdcard" then on the next screen i see this ;- Choose a package to install: /sdcard ../ .adc/ .doodlemobile_featureviewnew/ Android/ ApplifierVideoCache/ ColourSplashAffect/ DCIM/ Gameloft/ LOST.DIR/ Notifications/ Pictures/ Samsung/ ScreenCapture/ ShareViaWifi/ snapchat/ whatsapp/ bluetooth/ cmr/ data/ external_sd/ media/ ppy_cross/ usbStorage/ I've also looked in the external_sd/ for the "root" file I put on the sd card and even though I've put the "root" file to the root of the sd card it doesnt show. Some of those files will be daft apps my son's installed. I'm totally baffled as to why its showing the system/internal memory files and not the root of the sd card. Does anyone know why ? and how do I access the root of the sd card so I can root the phone and flash it.
  3. I will but i didnt know CM10 was going to do this.
  4. thanks for the help , i managed to flash it to CyanogenMod version 10-20121215 only snag, the slide down at the top of main screen doesnt work. I cant quickly drag down to see missed calls or text from the icons. Is there a setting I have to activate for this or something ?.
  5. Firstly hello to Modaco and welocme to all members. I bought the phone a few month back and rooted & flashed it which took me 2-3 hrs but i was over moon that I managed to do it, I just followed a guide from here. its now on Android Version 4.0.3 Baseband version 2030 Build number Legacy ICS 20121011 Kernel version 3.0.8-omegamoon-20120820 [email protected] #1 I want to upgrade the firmware so I need to reflash. thing is, I am totally confused as to which is my best option and a guide for upgrading. I looked on Modaco but its all abit confusing with all the different versions of firmware and , "You can only use this firmware on this phone ..............." I did download the cm9 as I read its the most stable am I right in saying that ?, and pointers would be great, links to an idiots guide and a good firmware would be really helpful. I'm not asking to be spoon fed just pointing in the right direction as I'm totally cconfused and I don't want to screw it up. thanks guys , hope someone can help
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