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  1. Fixed I installed Busybox to system/xbin rather than system/bin and the kernel installed properly. Didn't fix my camera problem but it looks like that's a hardware issue at this stage.
  2. Hi Acer, thanks for that - I had looked in that thread but did not see the current build so was unsure about using other ones. I went ahead and flashed 2.3.4 successfully using ADT and then used the most recent 2.3.6 from the Acer website to get back to Gingerbread. The camera still does not work but at least I'm back to stock and can return it to Acer for repair if the Kernel update doesn't work. :)
  3. Hi folks, thanks for the replies. I installed CWM and recovery but could not install Technolovers Kernel - the phone would not start up past the Android screen. I also tried Gingerounay 3.0 with the same result. I was successful in installing t_l_metal_2.3.6_13 and CM7 but the camera did not work in either. I think at this stage it must be a hardware issue and wish to return it to Acer for repair. The official 2.3.6 from Acer will not run as it says I need more than 20 Mb space (I have over 150 Mb) and I cannot find the .bin file anywhere. I'm feeling pretty stupid really - where exactly is this .bin file which I'm supposed to flash? I cannot find it in any .zip files which I have downloaded :(
  4. There is, but it's not showing me the backup I made earlier. I installed Recovery MT 2.2 and made a backup, attempted to flash kernel and had to run the backup as the system wouldn't boot past the Acer/Android startup. I then installed Recovery MT3.0 and flashed the kernel - I did not make a backup of the system as I had the first nandroid backup still on my sd card and also on my PC. I can successfully flash Technolovers kernel and Gingerounay 3.0 but the phone will not boot past the Android startup screen and I cannot run the backup, even though I can browse to it when I use the "Install from zip" in recovery :(
  5. I went ahead and installed Recovery MT3.0 and changed the setting in ClockworkMod Manager to "3.x+ Recovery". I then rebooted into recovery where the ClockworkMod was now showing a different version, v4.0.0.8. There was no change when I tried to boot or reflash Technolovers Kernel; I kept getting the updated Acer/Android screen and when I flashed Gingerounay 3.0 with system wipe it kept freezing on the stock Acer/Android screen. The worst thing is I don't know how to restore using the nandroid backup in CWM Recovery! The recovery file is still on my sd card and backed up on my PC but I can't run it from anywhere. Are there options to run a nandroid restore from recovery or some of the other boot menus?
  6. Hi Mtman, thanks for the prompt reply. I have Recovery 2.2 installed and a nandroid backup made. I then downloaded Clockworkmod Rom Manager and confirmed I was using a 2.x recovery as it said "Liquid MT does not have an officially supported ClockworkMod Recovery". After copying the Kernel's zip file to the sd card I booted into recovery and was able to install it. However, the phone froze after installation and just showed a new Technolover startup screen. The phone would not start and I had to use the nandroid backup to reset the system. Have you any suggestions on how to fix this? Many thanks!
  7. Hi folks, basic question: once I have downloaded the files, how do I actually install the kernel onto my phone? I have competed steps 1 to 4 successfully, but am unsure as to how I should proceed.
  8. Hi folks, I'm having trouble with the camera - none of the camera apps load and neither will any apps that require the flash. I am unsure if it is software or hardware related. I upgraded from 2.2 to 2.3.6 using the Acer update software and rooted with Z4 several months before the problem developed. Having looked through the forum I have tried the following without much success: * Reflash 2.3.6 from Acer website: software confirms I have 4.000.13_EMEA_GEN1installed but will not proceed with installation - advises me to remove battery and try again. * Transfer .bin from 4.000.13 to sd: no .bin file in download from Acer website * Install technolovers kernel: Phone won't boot into recovery in order to make nandroid backup - all I get is a warning triangle and then the phone boots up as normal.I have tried to access recovery through both key-press combinations and Quick Boot. Can anyone advise on how to proceed?
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