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  1. Stopped wondering now. A bigger issue seems to be the setup wizard that stops working with every fresh install. Any ideas?
  2. I was wondering why the ROM always freezes at bootup when wiping the dalvik cache. Also when doing a clean install my setup wizard stops working. Thanks!
  3. I partitioned my SD in ext4, but the phone won't boot with the SD in. Anyone knows what I should try?
  4. It looks amazing. Any change the ROM would be available for the first Blade this month?
  5. Not sure if this is mentioned before, so first of all sorry if this is a repo. When I CLEAN install this ROM (and I use Konsta's latest build of Android 4.2.2) my Google account disappears and there's no way of getting it back. Furthermore Play Store crashes and all of my contacts are gone, even importing them from SD does not help. Can this be related to my SIM? Or why can't my device run the Android 4.3(.1) build? Thanks in advance!
  6. Maybe one unrelated ROM question (because I think it's the gapps), but why can't I send an sms larger then 2 files? Also certain characters (such as ï and ë) are being read as 20 or more characters. Last but not least, sometimes I don't get a picture via mms. Hope somebody can explain this to me. Pretty sure it isn't the ROM though! Thanks!
  7. That's what I thought but he doesn't recognize a thing in my case. Any suggestions? Or is there a problem with my card? When I plug it in, I even can't unmount it anymore because he's calculating the size of it, then there is this reboot and at the end of this long journey, he still doesn't read a thing.
  8. Can the ZTE Blade read an SD card with 8 GB and more? I am experiencing a problem when I copy all files from my old SD to a new card of 8 GB and insert it in my ZTE. He can read the card when its empty but when I move the files to my new card the ZTE has troubles reading it. Thanks!
  9. Just a quick question: when looking at my phone's status, just above my IMEI number there is a section which shows my phone number. But this is not correct, any simple ways to fix it? Thanks
  10. KonstaT, Because the torch tile will never work I was hoping there is a possibility to link just a bright white screen with it? (like some apps on the playstore) Would be great!
  11. Is there a patch for muted calls for this ROM? Actually I can hear people talking but it isn't a clear sound at all. When the speakers are on I (and the people around me) can hear them very well but then again the one who calls me complains that they hear an echo. Also I wonder, the messaging app can't send 3 messages long at once. Anyone else who has this problem?
  12. When I downgrade it to cm10 again with recovery, the booting just never stops. Any idea why?
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