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  1. cant install CyanogenMod 11-20140804-NIGHTLY-u8815
  2. cant install CyanogenMod 11-20140803-NIGHTLY-u8815
  3. Hey guys, how to solve problem, phone is reeboting every time i connect to 3G? Telenor Serbia.. Sorry for bad english
  4. still nothing about transparent bar?
  5. Go to system>build.prop look for low.ram=true and write false for transparent notification bar i changed, still nothing..
  6. why i cant get transparent status bar? o men i will destroy this g300
  7. transparent status bar? again?
  8. Is there any mod to get transparent status bar? Sorry for bad english, Thanks
  9. Hi. My G300 dont want to turn on. I was on CM 10.1. When i connect via usb, computer start "finding devices driver". I tryd with another battery, but nothing, tryd without battery, nothing. Can i do anything with it, or? Sorry for bad english. Thanks.
  10. is there lighter gapps? i dont need all, like google plus etc, only play store...

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