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  1. I've had no problems with any of those apps that I also use, but I am having trouble with Google+ and DropBox. Both of these apps have been forceclosing since updating the ROM, although I may have gotten Google+ sorted out by wiping it's data and cache with Titanium and reinstalling from Playstore, we'll see if it sticks after a reboot. I tried that already with DropBox and had no luck, but it didn't work the first time for Google+ either so maybe I'll just keep trying. Lol nevermind, looks like Google+ is still FCing... And that's me, fresh out of ideas :wacko:
  2. I'd have to say that for me at least, the charging seems a LOT slower now. I sort of thought so with the last couple builds as well, but now I'm sure. On a side note, I've been mucking with my governors and schedulers and for me and my phone, "ondemandplus" and "bfq" seem to be working rather well so far. I'm curious to see what difference it would make if I delete that qosmgr thing, but I might as well just wait for the next build if chil360 is putting the kaibosh on it anyway.
  3. I've been trying to get ART working myself and have had no success so far. My phone will boot and start Android, but I get constant messages about apps stopping. If that's not bad enough, when I've tried going back to Dalvik I lost most of my apps! My best guess to what's causing the problems is Link2SD. I figure that between the way Link2SD does it's linking magic, and whatever Dalvik or ART are trying to do, there is some sort of issue popping up. Has anyone else gotten ART working properly, with Link2SD? Am I way off with even thinking Link2SD has anything to do with my ART troubles?
  4. Loving the new SlimKat release, and I've had no problems with the camera or WiFi or anything else really. Only issue I've had so far is that I can't play Breach and Clear anymore, won't load and just black screens after the first logo pops up. I'm thinking that's probably got something to do with some settings needing tweaking tho, so I'm sure it'll work I just haven't messed with anything yet to try and get it working. Anyone have any suggestions for the governors and schedulers? I'm always just guessing with those anyway, and have almost no idea what the differences are between them all. Not sure where your trouble is coming from Ivan, my camera works fine and so do the other camera apps I've tried. Have you tried any other camera apps from the Play Store? If any of them work then at least you'd be able to rule out any sort of hardware problem. Try this one, I like it and find it quite a bit better than the stock camera app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.almalence.opencam
  5. Thanks for the ideas, but I finally got it to flash just a few minutes ago :D I'm not sure exactly what fixed it, but this time I powered down, removed the battery for a moment, did an advanced wipe through TWRP and checked everything except the internal and external sdcards, rebooted into recovery again for another advanced wipe (for good measure), flashed the ROM and the AIO Slim Gapps, said no when TWRP asked if I wanted it to install SuperSU or whichever one it is, and it finally worked like a charm. I'm glad it finally worked though, and so far everything is good, but I'll see what happens when I'm finished restoring all my apps and such.
  6. Hmm, thanks for the suggestion but it just keeps booting into recovery anyway. Seems really strange to me, I've had boot loops and such on my HTC phone, and soft-bricked it many times, but never had anything like this before. Would it be worth trying CWM recovery instead? I think I read someone on here mentioning that they weren't sure if TWRP was wiping things properly. I dunno, I'm pretty much stumped :mellow:
  7. Well, I tried both zips for v2.5 RC1 (Slim-u8833-4.4.2.build.2.5.RC1-UNOFFICIAL-20140127-0106.zip and Slim-u8833-4.4.2.build.2.5.RC1-UNOFFICIAL-20140127-1413.zip) and they each lead to my phone only booting into recovery. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, is anyone else having a similar problem? I boot into recovery (TWRP do a wipe, install the ROM, reboot into recovery, flash the Gapps, wipe Dalvik and cache for good measure, then reboot system. It usually works with no trouble, but for some reason with either of those RC1s I just boot right back into recovery again. Any ideas?
  8. Just wanted to say thanks for the great port, I've had this phone since mid December and have had a rough time finding ROMs and such for it, but this one is perfect so far. I'm currently using the last 2.4 version, and downloading 2.5. I'm using a Canadian Y300 with Telus and haven't noticed anything strange, other than some minor problems with Link2SD and Xposed, but they probably have nothing to do with the ROM itself anyway. All I really need now is an overclocked kernel and I'd be laughing :D Keep up the good work!

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