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  1. gbjbasdw

    Car charging NOT working

    Got a real weird one for you today, guys ! I have a car charger plug for the car. It's rated at 1A and 2.1A output in each of the two output sockets respectively. It works perfectly charging my tablet whose wall charged says 2.1A and also with a ZTE Blade Q mini phone so the outputs from the charger plug are OK I reckon. I have 3 USB charging cables - each works ok with the ZTE Blade Q mini phone so I reckon the cables are all ok. If I plug the San Diego into my PC USB output it says it is charging ok - this happens with all three cables - again proving the cables are ok. BUT When I plug the San Diego into the car charger it does not come up with "Charging" !! I can't see any earthly reason why this should be happening as I know that the car charger and cables are all ok. Anyone got any ideas ??
  2. gbjbasdw

    OTG cables

    David - are you saying that if you root an OSD you can use a microSD card which is inserted in the slot inside the device ? If so can you give us some idea of a) how difficult it is to physically open the phone b ) how difficult it is to root the phone. As I have never done this to ANY phone I'd be interested in knowing what is involved in doing it. Mine is running the stock Android ICS 4.0.4 from Orange.
  3. gbjbasdw

    OTG cables

    Yes it is a unpowered hub. Can't really comment on power drain as I haven't used it enough to form an opinion.
  4. gbjbasdw

    OTG cables

    Guys - just a quick update on my very positive experience. I bought a 99p cable off eBay and it arrived today. I first tried a Logitech laser mouse and that worked great. The mouse pointer appeared on the Orange San Diego phone screen and I can use the scroll wheel as well as the left/right mouse buttons. Then I tried plugging in the generic USB Chinese keyboard that came with my generic Chinese Android tablet. This seems to be working quite well in some apps but it's not too clever in my text messaging native app. I then attached a small USB 4 port hub and plugging in both the mouse and the keyboard and happily both seem to work just fine. Many thanks to the folk in this thread and your kind responses. Steve
  5. gbjbasdw

    OTG cables

    Is this the cable that you bought http://www.amazon.co.uk/female-Micro-male-Cable-Adapter/dp/B005GI2VMG/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1368263259&sr=8-5&keywords=usb+cable+otg Will ANY cable/adpater that has a USB full size female connector at one end and a Micro-USB type B plug at the other end work or are they phone specific ??
  6. gbjbasdw

    OTG cables

    Hi guys, Came across this thread while looking for how to connect an external keyboard to an Oange San Diego. Can DavidSimonH tell me what cable he bought from Amazon please. Also is it possible to get both a mouse and keyboard attached and, if so, how ? Thanks, Steve
  7. gbjbasdw

    [Q] So xolo or orange?

    Firstly, thanks for the quick reply. How do I setup my account so I get notification when someone replies on this topic please ? I saw the AIO tool earlier today but I'm unsure what "obtaining root" means - can you explain please. I guess it is something like the root superuser id in Unix/Linux ? If I do buy one of these phones maybe you could advise which AIO tool options I would need to run and in which order. The unlocking problem is holding me back from buying as I would ideally like to use the phone in Tenerife with my Spanish Vodaphone PAYG sim as well as my Orange UK SIM. Any ideas on a workaround ? Thanks again
  8. gbjbasdw

    [Q] So xolo or orange?

    I am an absolute novice when it comes to smart phones but have 30 years in IT. I'm toying with the idea of getting an Orange San Diego phone because they are going for £99 at the moment and look to be excellent value for money given the processor and camera (8MP) and HD video recording capability. Am I right in assuming that I can use the Xolo X900 firmware download to update the phone via USB ? Will this effectively overwrite the whole of the Orange software like doing an operating system install on a PC ? Where is the bast place to get the Xolo ICS firmware - Xolo.in website ? You say above "I use the Xolo ICS with the 3 or 4 Xolo apps removed, Google apps updated" Can you just delete the Xolo apps with Android drag/drop ? Sorry if these are daft questions but we all have to start somewhere ! Thanks in advance Steve

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