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  1. I wiped my internal storage by accident after installing a ROM and when i booted up and set up the ROM i went to use the camera. Then, I get an error message saying no external storage available. I cannot re-flash the ROM because it was wiped from my internal memory and when i try to copy it on to my phone no files come up and it. I think i can use ADB sideloading but don't really know how to use it. ANY HELP?
  2. this is quite obscure, i'm getting free mobile data since yesterday when i went back to cm10 from 10.1. Any explanation?
  3. trying now from cm10... :unsure: :unsure: :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
  4. right now i'm changing a few things in dazzozo's CM10. Like system apps, preferably the system apps from cm10.1. Basically making it more like 4.2. Any other things i could change to improve performance and overall user experience?
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