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  1. Not sure why its filling up so quick, probably just the inbuilt Google apps being more bloated than they used to be. All I can suggest is going into the Google Play setting and disabling "Auto-update apps", then as its not rooted disable the bloatware. You're nephew will be limited in what games he can install (storage space, version of android, intel cpu) but the "Move to USB storage" option will help with the limited partition sizes. I'm guessing you didn't use the phone too long before replacing it. My OSD's battery was completely knackered, which made me upgrade. I still have it in my drawer, turned it on there and it is pretty snappy with the Nova Launcher (I did a factory reset not long). Disconnect it from the wall though and it soon turns itself off.
  2. Finally got around to buying a 128GB microSD, but Documents refuses to find the microSD (formatted on phone & PC, renamed it on PC etc). Just going to have to go back to using stock file explorer or USB to copy across files :(
  3. Got sick of using the stock File Explorer (stuck with it due to the SD write permissions blocked & Documents crashing with other apps), so backed up all the data on the microSD and formatted it in Windows 10. At first I tried NTFS, but the phone wouldn't even mount with that formatting. So tried exFAT, and the microSD was readable but still couldn't assign write permissions. So I then formatted the microSD via the storage settings menu. And when I opened the Documents section to assign write permissions, the microSD was listed as a bunch of random characters, but I was able to select it and then finally allow write permissions. So I can go back to using ES FIle Explorer (v3.2.5.5) to copy files back and forth between my various devices via wifi. So I'm not sure if the exFAT formatting is necessary, but using the phone itself to format the microSD worked for me. Also possible that it's due to the microSD card not having a name causing issues (common bug apparently), so maybe try naming the SD first before doing long process of backup, format etc. I just hope than I will be able to do the same when I pick up a 64GB or 128GB microSD. It's still not going to work with every app though, for example "Fast notepad" just says "Cannot create file", doesn't give you the prompt to give it SD write permissions.
  4. I've been temporarily using the 32GB microSD from my old phone, but was looking at upgrading the storage. Was about to post a new thread as I had initially searched for microSD and couldn't find anything. Which model 128GB microSD did you use? Anyone else with this size card, a SanDisk, Kingston, Samsung, Toshiba, Integral etc?
  5. I try and keep the main screen clear, with commonly used icons on screens 2&3 on the sides. Been using Nova Launcher basically since I started using android (older version though as they removed some features in an update). Grayscale icons at bottom, made those when I was using a Marilyn Monroe style pic of Angelina Jolie, I got used to them so kept them. Current wallpaper is a version of this I tweaked.
  6. So is there a way to write files/folders to microSD from 3rd party file managers, like ES File Explorer, without root? With previous phones & tablets I'd used ES to copy files between internal, microSD & PC via LAN tab. But with this phone it seems like I'd either have to root phone, use USB cable to transfer (haven't had to do that for 5-10 years), or do the convoluted process of copying files from LAN tab to internal, then using the phones File Explorer to copy from internal to microSD. I initially thought it was the result of just moving the SD cord from old phone to new without formatting. Glad I found this thread, as it looks like backing up then restoring 24GB of data after format would have been a waste of time, if the issue is that it has odd write permissions for microSD. It always displays the hint "please choose root directory sdcard1...", hit select, click on microSD then Documents crashes.
  7. Thanks Frankish, I used you're ebay link to the unlock code seller (now £1.35). Got the ebay message about 20min after ordering it, and then used it to unlock phone for my new ASDA Mobile SIM. I compared them to my current old Orange/EE canary tariff, and ASDA have much better pay as you go rates. They even use the EE network, so I should see similar coverage.
  8. Exact same story for me, except I had rooted it to enable hidden microSD slot. Sometimes it would drain quicker than normal and get to maybe 15-30% then just shutdown. Or like you at 60-80% just randomly turn off, screen would just go blank like it was going into standby but it would be off entirely. So about 16 months on what I'd class as medium to heavy daily use (mostly running down battery on Youtube, Twitch etc.) So I decided to cut my losses and go with the Alcatel One Touch Idol S, was £85+£10 credit in an EE store. But due to my luck, first phone I got was faulty, so finally got it replaced today and new one seems fine. Similar to Moto G, with 1280x720 screen & 1GB RAM. Moto G has quad core, vs the Alcatel's dual core. But it has a microSD slot, so instead of approx 5.5GB-12.5GB on the Moto G, I have 1.96GB internal + 29.71GB microSD Here's a gsmarena comparison of the 2 phones.
  9. Finally got it replaced today after finding stock at other store, but of course for first 10 mins in the store the touchscreen was working perfectly (sod's law). But finally, touchscreen became unresponsive after full shutdown, then on and letting it go into standby. Relieved. But as for EE, apparently even with a faulty phone you can't get a refund! Only a store replacement, or get another phone and pay the difference. The said essentially the only way to get a refund is buying online, and that's likely only due to distance selling laws they can't sidestep... Not sure what current policies are for other UK stores, but if going via EE I'd probably recommend buying online. But don't expect any help instore if you have issues with phone bought online, I learned that with last phone 16 months ago. So knock on wood haven't had any issue with the new phone. The Antutu benchmark is lower (13747 vs 14015), but I imagine that's because the first test was done with no SD card inserted and that probably dropped the score a bit with read speed etc.
  10. Well I'm in the process of replacing my 16 month old Orange San Diego with its inbuilt battery, as it has been draining a lot quicker over the past couple of months and now just randomly turns itself off (did it again tonight with about 75% battery...). Basically has to remain plugged into the wall or a USB power bank, or its pretty much unreliable. So I'd prefer a phone that has a removable battery, so that when I next upgrade its out of choice rather than necessity. I really wouldn't care if it meant a phone would be a bit heavier and thicker. But in the budget price range, the only 2 contenders currently in my opinion are the Moto G and Alcatel OT Idol S, both with 1280x720 screens (4.5" & 4.7") and 1 GB or RAM. Sadly both have non-replaceable batteries. Its a shame nobody has produced a generic "extended battery" case (at least I haven't found one).
  11. Got the Idol S (6034R) on Friday, to replace my old phone which has had problems with the battery. Sadly having issues with the Idol S touchscreen becoming unresponsive after coming out of standby. And when it has been working the battery has drained a crazy amount. On standby it dropped from about 85-95% last night to around 36% this morning, crazy amount (especially as I turned off Wifi). Fingers crossed I'll be able to find a replacement at an EE store or elsewhere. Anyone else have problems with quickly draining battery and/or problems with the touchscreen not working. But I wanted to at least answer a question I had about the usuable space you get from the 4GB internal memory. So 1.96GB, well actually about 1.74GB if you uninstall preinstalled games etc. But the "Storage manager" allows you to swap app storage etc over to a microSD (phone apparently allows up to 32GB card); And not sure if you take benchmarks seriously, but at least for comparisons here is its AnTuTu benchmark score;
  12. Recorded a few clips there, 3+ minutes each, using Camera ICS app. It would freeze for a second or so and then continue recording. No problem playing the finished files.
  13. Is the file definitely modified? When the screen is on, if you do a full press of the camera button (not a half press), does the screen turn off? It sometimes doesn't work for me turning the screen back on, but it can always put it to sleep.
  14. I opened up the gpio-keys.kl file here; /system/usr/keylayout/ as Text in ES Note Editor, and edited the text in there to this; It still seems to work intermittently, but worth it alone to swap Camera to half press of the button.
  15. Shame my phone isn't dual SIM, I've already carried my phone number from Three to Orange this year. After that painful, overly complex experience I'm not in any hurry to have to do that again. The regulators really need to step in and move that process online. Having to phone up and ask for the transfer code while they beg you to stay on their network for 30 mins is infuriating, especially as I was paying for the call...
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