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  1. OMFG IT FINALLY WORKED!!!! I removed the micro SD from the mobile phone, connected the phone to the pc, formated the internal storage then put the dload folder in the internal memory and then turned off the phone to do the Vol+- update!!! So it works without the micro SD! This must be pinned somewhere for people having the same issue!
  2. Ok, I will try now EDIT: Doesn't work,; pink screen...I think I just might throw this mobile phone against the walls, it would make me feel very good for the moment (even if after, maybe not)
  3. Yes there is...and I tried to put it first on sd card, then on internal memory, and then on both; still didn't work...I copied the entire dload folder with the UPDATE.APP inside it, tried even the method of updating from storage...I am starting to suspect my micro SD memory card: it's only 1gb, can it be related to this? Update: Is it normal that my IMEI is not 0 after running 2-imei-hack? It is just different than the previous but not 0... I never manage to make it 0, not even in CDMA tool...
  4. Thanks for informing me, i will try this cuz I'm a noob and Daz's method is too advanced for me :P
  5. I tried this method here to zero my IMEI but it didn't work :( Any solution?
  6. What about downgrading to GB? Will that solve 3G reboots? Can i return to stock GB? I have tried the method provided by Huawei but it doe not work
  7. I flashed Daz's new bootloader but reboots still happen; I am not the only one to report this
  8. I am sick and tired of 3G reboots up to a point that I don't even care anymore about running on a custom rom. My G300 is now on a B936 repack provided by Dazzazo. I have unlocked my phone through a method I found on the forum. My question is: if I will flash an official update.app the offiial update method (volume UP + DOWN), will reboots stop? Will the unlock be preserved? My issue is: I tried various update.app versions (B952, B936, B934) and all of them would result in a PINK SCREEN. I really hate this pink screen!! Some say that the B927 update.app would work, but I am unable to find it. Please help! PS: I have installed Daz's new bootloader, reboots are less often but they still are there!
  9. Don't be rude man, Daz is not just any noob! Reboots are now less often than before.
  10. Ok, so in 20 hours of use & standby with 3G enabled and wifi disabled I got only one reboot, compared to 5-10 reboots a day that I was getting with the old bootloader. I am monitoring with the Boot Logger app. EDIT: 2 now :(
  11. The thing is that when I used to leave my mobile with the old bootloader on the desk, wifi off, 3G on, it rebooted every now and then (like very often). Now it doesn't reboot at all. I even installed Boot Logger to be sure.
  12. I believe you didn't install it correctly. I've been running on 3G with the wifi turned off since yesterday evening and I didn't get single reboot; and believe me, I used to have plenty of them. Make sure you correctly installed the drivers that come with the stock rom. A successful install of the bootloader will give this result in a console. (the 8192+0 in and out stuff is what you are looking for, correct me if I'm wrong Daz :P)
  13. An early report: -no reboots in almost 6 hours of 3G standby & use (wifi disabled) -battery not affected by the new bootloader -performance not affected
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