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  1. Visham25

    Re-root after 37MB updated.

    I did flash boot.img and the device worked fine but if I try get into recovery mode, it flashes different colours, but bootloader is working
  2. Hi, has anyone tried flash the XOLO A800 jb update.zip on the XOLO X900!
  3. Visham25

    Re-root after 37MB updated.

    Thanks that worked, but when im in recovery, it flashes different colurs still
  4. I've done that serveral of times but then a red exclamation mark pops up in recvovery and the phone reboots, it says update was unsuccessful!
  5. Can we downgrade the update.zip from a 37mb update, cos when I tried downgrade back my screen lit up different colours, I used the hdmi methoid and it works perfectly now, but is it possible for me to get root back or to downgrade back to the update.zip
  6. Visham25

    Mobile Update

    How do u get to an orange advisor!
  7. Visham25

    XOLO X900, Jelly Bean Release Date Confirmed!

    That's what someone said,! (They called Xolo, and they said the OTA Update should be released on the 25/04/13)
  8. Visham25

    XOLO X900, Jelly Bean Release Date Confirmed!

    I received call from XOLO 22/04/2013 @09.19pm just wait till 25....... For me OTA or replace mobile. confirmed. (not me someone else)
  9. Hey, Just thought you'd all like to know that Jelly Bean will be released OTA on 25/04/13,
  10. Hi peops, I was wondering if we save part of the system app folder on the razr I and copy it into our xolos system app using root explorer, and then reset the phone, I hope someone tries this and manages to wrk.
  11. Visham25


    If we downgrade to gingerbread, wont it be easier somehow
  12. Visham25


    Isn't there any software that could unlock the bootloader?
  13. Visham25


    on my atrix I had to flash a sbf file on a program called rsd lite and then go to cmd and enter 'fastboot -i 0x8087 oem unlock' then it was unlocked
  14. what I meant is, when you download the update.zip, don't open the it, and if your are downgrading from ics, I recommend that you erase the system partition by doing 'fastboot -I 0x8087 erase system' and then flash update.zip
  15. I think unlocking Gingerbread on the san diego will be easier, on my old Motorola atrix I unlocked bootloader thru fastboot by typing 'fastboot oem unlock' and my phone was running GB, worth a try though

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