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  1. They are two different smartphones, despite look similar. This rom doesn't work in the U8160.. (BTW, time for a upgrade, no? :P )
  2. Its more: Old phone, Don't expect miracles... What you expect from a phone that is in the EOL? :P
  3. Thanks @rhen , for keeping this alive.. It was a fun journey, but G300 is almost dead now... Almost everyone that, in the past, have been here, already upgraded to something new (OnePlus here :D :P )... But good old time... Maybe i see you in another section :)
  4. Not really.. Increasing the "min" clock of the CPU isn't quite the same as overclock. Overclock is increase the max clock of the processor. 600Mhz isn't the max clock. The CPU works between 300 and about 1008MHz on a regular work, so you are only telling for run between 600 and 1008MHz. Overclock is when you go up of the 1008MHz... :) It shouldn't impact the life of the CPU, but can reduce the battery life...
  5. One week is not a "long test"... That is not enought to test... And AnTuTu score is so useless. He can be influenced by many factors. Try run the test after some days on (this if the overclock doesn't random reboot the phone first)... :P Well, G300 is not for gaming and even wort in overclocking... Thats the true... G300 is not the same as a Galaxy S5 :P Is good, but not so good. its a old, outdated phone... :)
  6. yes, i know that isn't about this tweak. :D Overclock anything, in any device (even computers) can be risky if done incorrectly. Try push the voltage or clock to high in a smartphone (and, again, the same in a computer) and you may end up damaging the chip... Overclocking in a smartphone is risky and unnecessary most of the times. Is not 200-300MHz that will give any noticible "boost". Yes, i can appears a little faster and AnTuTu score can improve, but in a daily usage is worthless... In the G300, overclock: 1- Will generate more heat. And more heat = reduced lifetime of the smartphone (even more in a "entry" smartphone like G300)... 2- More heat will reduce also the battery capacity in a long time range 3- More heat will deform the screen (i have a little "white smoke" - barely notice, more noticible in dark background, but its there- in my screen because of this) 4- When charging and using the smarthphone, the heat will go "DANGERLY HIGH"! So, for the G300, i don't recommend do overclocking, at least to high "Mhz".
  7. Overclock and reboots are NOT related with this tweak. That is something related with the kernel and the ROM used... :) If you experience that change your ROM or Kernel. But not everyone can overclock... And is also a little "risky" and expensive to the battery. :)
  8. Exacly... Isn't a big improve, but glad that helps. :)
  9. That is a very common error in Link2SD: http://bit.ly/1opMeSJ Actualy, i don't know how to help you with this. Search a little in the results of the link before...
  10. what is the error that Link2SD gives?
  11. Try install this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.androguide.universal.init.d After that test the init.d (using the button on the end of the main page).
  12. Do you have root installed? This works in the stock rom, but you should have root. If you made a factory reset the root is removed... Also, check in the init.d toggler app if the init.d is working fine (run the test on the app).
  13. Already there: http://forum.xda-developers.com/xperia-l/general/xl-guide-install-link2sd-xperia-l-rom-t2752119 :)
  14. Glad to see that this help you. :) I also have been searching for this and didn't find nothing... so i have decided go for it and test it... :D Hope that this help many people to avoid boot loops. ;)
  15. Hello again, Ok, so after the publish of the first message, some users appear to report problems with the SD card not being corrected mounted in the Android. In some SD cards, after create two partitions, the first partition (used for the storage) appears cannot be mounted. Always appears a error about the SD Card being empty of the filesystem damaged. The second partition, used in Link2SD, works fine. Is just the first one. There is a way to bypass this problem using the NTFS filesystem. So, first of all, you need a SD card reader in your PC. After that, is just needed to format the first partition (and ONLY the first) to NTFS. Android doesn't handle very well NTFS, so is needed a new app to make it support: Paragon exFAT, NTFS & HFS+ (check the Google Play) After install the app, just run it. He should mount the new NTFS partition and should now be usuable under the Android system. Problem solved. yeehhh :) :)

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