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  1. freebiestuff

    [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    Perfect, I promise not to touch it again for at least a couple of days, lol. freebiestuff
  2. freebiestuff

    screen Bezel cracking?

    Me to, 3 cracks across the silver bezel, one at the HDMI port, one at the volume down button and one on the opposite side to the volume button. Never dropped, less than a month old, very well looked after. :( freebiestuff
  3. freebiestuff

    [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    Having the same problems here, Orange ICS to XOLO ICS a few days ago, bricked. A couple of hours reading and sorting, back up and running only to use the first version of flibblesans mods integrated into the tool (with the typos etc,) bricked again, flashing screen etc. A couple more hours stressing and back up and running of sorts, getting hot, hot, hot, gallery synced with Picasa even though the setting was Off, movies kept crashing the phone, battery completely discharged while the phone was idle etc. Tried to brickfix only to brick it again. Now I'm back on a fresh, stable install of Xolo ICS (brickfixed) and want to go back to Orange ICS. I've deleted San Diego in C:\, reinstalled the latest version, the System folder was there when I downloaded, downloaded fresh copies of 1-5 again, now the System folder has disappeared and the Dump.zip is sitting within the \San Diego\tools folder (also have the System2 folder.) You guys are doing a great job on the hoof, but this is too much for my nerves, anyone want to point me back to Orange ICS and I'll just remove the bloat I don't want manually. ;) freebiestuff
  4. freebiestuff


    Been getting a popup for Newsblocks today when googling straight to the San Diego forum, looks highly dubious.

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