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  1. Took the phone apart again and again checking for tool damage, loose connections, and re-seated all the ribbon connections and it now works fine... it was the widest ribbon connection that then leads the ribbon under the battery compartment. Glad no-one was tempted to answer the question with guesses that could have led me on a wild goose chase of flashing it and new ROMS, software etc, but YAY!
  2. Hi, I've just replaced the touchscreen on my daughter's ZTE Vivacity after she dropped and fractured it, the screen looks great, but she's come back to tell me that now the microphone doesn't work (when speaking on a call) and the built-in speaker will only play music very very faintly (everything else works fine - sound through headphones etc). Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong with them? I though maybe a physical thing like a connection etc - but then why would the 'music' speaker work at all, if it was a broken connection surely there would be nothing! Nothing looks obviously wrong to look at it. I had to heat the edges of the screen up (with a hairdryer) to soften the glue to remove the old screen and haven't heated the new one in yet. Hoping for some good news. Cheers, David.

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