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  1. Thanks for the response - all is good now okay i managed to revive it by using the fastboot and cache erase method :)
  2. hi guys.. so I'm having troubles with my phone now. i have to send phone back to orange so i decided to just erase everything but that did not happen as soon as phone goes into boot mode a dead android comes up with an exclamation mark and phone restarts and repeats this again. I tried to fix brick, install orange and xolo ics both but still get the same dead android bot with tummy open and red exclamation mark :(. what to do????
  3. i see so its better not to update then right? :D
  4. hello guys. just wanted to ask one thing there is a new update available from orange its 12mb i think. would installing this remove root and debranding? has anyone tried it yet? Thanks
  5. ricky i have downloaded all the files from new tool and all seems well in terms of zips but the system folder has changed again to system2 and does not have the files stated in manual i.e app,bin,etc,fonts,framework,lib,lost-found,media,tts,usr,xbin,build.prop. I just dont want to go ahead with the flash and if does not work then i will have to work all the way back to xolo ics :(, unless you think its okay to go ahead and do it. I am worried coz as i remember one of the error also had build.prop so if i am unable to see it in the system folder then it might not work while installation? thanks :)
  6. my phone gets warm/hot while doing simple tasks after flashing the xolo rom im not sure its coz of tht or not as i did not play much with orange ics. before i flash back to orange ics i wanted to know is anyone else experiencing these symptoms?
  7. ohh kool :) thanks. yes i did use the right setup :)..
  8. First of all thanks Ricky for helping me out late at night. I did manage to flash xolo ics and get phone back up and running. Now i also got the same problem like bravo76 that trying to flash orange ics it gets stuck while installation and gives an "error number 7 installation aborted". I noticed in the folder while dump.zip is being downloaded it is visible but as soon as download is completed it vanishes and is no more in the folder or anywhere in the pc as i tried to search it. Another thing happens after download is completed the 'system' folder also vanishes and another folder called 'system2' is created which does not have all the files you have listed in your manual for orange ics flash. Did download everything maybe like 5 times from 1-5 still got the same error and same behaviour in folders on 2 different computers. Looking forward to your reply :). Once again thanks a million for the help :)
  9. Atir101

    The Official 'I bricked my San Diego' Thread

    hi there guys im a newbie here.. just got my new orange san diego. i rooted and was getting rid of some apps i accidently got rid of home screen app and now my phone wont go past intel logo :( i dont know how to make it right :( please help me. Thanks

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