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  1. I also upgraded... I went for the Sony xperia Z1. Really got great value out of the G300 for a year and hope that she does for the next year! She struggles with thechnology and is having a struggle changing from ICS to GB. She will get used to it soon enough though!
  2. Sound advice, thanks again Dovahpig & Dayler. It will stay as it is then, my phone has been passed onto the missus, she was complaining about the slow down lag in ICS SLIM ROM v13. When typing or using Facebook. So read that lag is practically non existent in this ROM, so decided to give her a better experience, rather than have a more recent OS. She wont be gaming, just surfing Facebook etc an hell of a lot! :)
  3. Completed this last night without issue. Thanks Dayler for the advice and Dovahpig for creating this super stripped down version of SLIM. Can't overclock though. Should I have downgraded in order to do that maybe? Is it even worth it?
  4. Do I need to flash the downgrade in order to install GB from ICS?
  5. Using stock with swipe turned off. yes. thinking of using a gb rom now also to stop the lag. Which would be best?
  6. Anyone else having severe issues with Lag???? Typing can halt the device for minutes and general use becomes unbearable at times.
  7. Mentioned the SD card burnout as well in a previous post. Thee defaulting of the storage to the SD after reboots is annoying as something in the system is definitely causing the SD cards to burn out. The ROM maker does log in here occasionally, or he used to. I think he has taken the ROM as far as here thought he needed to. Maybe a quick post on HTC mania linking to here might get his attention.
  8. Just install pimp my ROM and install it. Does not come install.... Clue in the name.... SLIM
  9. Yep, happened to me before the card failed altogether. I would ensure that you back up your card as soon as possible. The ROM seems to burn out the SD cards very quickly, mine was a ScanDisk 32GB card. In use for 8 months until failure. Was properly formatted using SDFormatter as well. Any assistance yet on the ROM always wantign to switch to external card for storage purposes?
  10. Spoke too soon. My SD card is fried. Scandisk, didnt take long to fail. So havign to depend on the internal 2GB storage space. Issue is that it keeps resettingitself and looking for ht SD, external card all the time. Manually having to change the setting is becoming time consuming. Is there a fix for this? or is it a known issue? Internal Storage - Link2SD (is this it???) http://www.solidfiles.com/d/b39a2d490c/
  11. I run SLIM v13, officially unlocked bootloader and always run no fills at 1.229Ghz. Never any issues! :) Lucky me!
  12. Did not have the option to avoid poor connections. Just notify me of open networks. Turned the WiFi to always on. Will turn on 3g again and monitor. Thanks again George.
  13. Yeah, that's what was happening. Deleted the folder earlier and that was it sorted. Cheers. The 3g still knocks out the WiFi unless I turn off the 3g. Annoying
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