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  1. http://rootzwiki.com/topic/13899-modcamera-buttonvstart-and-take-pics-with-volume/ or http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1841988
  2. This is what happened when i selected the launcher, and also tried to text. I flashed the app, then cleared cache, then booted. I'm running CyanogenMod CM10.1 4.2.2.
  3. lewispaul9

    Best ROM?

    I totally agree! But if someone cant find the thread then they're going to make there own... Should have one pinned though.
  4. lewispaul9

    Best ROM?

    If he had time to go through all this forum, he'd probably wouldn't have a life... And surely if the "more knowledgeable members" saw it was another 'pointless' post then surely they should just scroll past it... and ignore it? Instead of going into the topic to say that the topic is pointless. I think you find that makes the irrelevant post, irrelevant.
  5. lewispaul9

    Best ROM?

    That's a bit irrelevant... all he did was ask a simple question, for people to reply, so he can choose from their opinions.
  6. Only problem for me is the clock across the whole system (lock screen, status bar, Widgets) freezes sometimes, and I have to restart the phone for it to work again. anyone know how to fix this
  7. I find if you install CM9, then set the phone up, i.e all the settings you want. Then flash the Gapps, the phone works pretty well. And also I used Pimp My Rom to use the RAM compression option, let me save things like Facebook, and games, in RAM without slowing the phone down!
  8. Agreed! Never had any problems with CM9, even CM10 is good; except the AOSP Keyboard force closes so have to install your own keyboard... other than that CyanogenMod is the best.
  9. lewispaul9

    Gaming on the Huawei Ascend G300

    I'd say CM9, flawless with games for me. I can play GTA3 and Dead Trigger with very little lag. And when exiting games, use the 'Kill app back button' in developer obtions, so the game gets killed and you can go straight into playing another.
  10. Custom ROMs of MoDaCo GB - Gingerbread ICS - Ice Cream Sandwich JB - Jelly Bean (both 4.1 and 4.2) B2G - Firefox OS Ubuntu Touch CyanogenMod 7 [GB 2.3.7] Posted by Garnt CyanogenMod 7 [GB 2.3.7] Posted by Riverlions MoDaCo Custom ROM Gr2 [GB] Posted by PaulOBrien AtomicMod [GB 2.3.6] Posted by tillaz MIUIv2 2.4.20 [GB 2.3] [based on CyanogenMod 7] Posted by narkoman88 Five Roms Multibaseband [GB 2.3.6] Posted by dakok Five ROMs Multibaseband include: [u8815_Commemorative.ED_OC_Geno_B897] [u8815_Geno_v3_B897] [u8815_Lishuo_B897-sp_1.62] [u8818_HackerOO7_G619_B892_streamlined] [u8818_Legion_streamlined] MIUI CM7 bi-baseband + Bonus One (JoyOS GB ROM) [GB 2.3.7] Posted by dakok MoKeeOS [GB 2.3.7] [based on CyanogenMod 7] Posted by narkoman88 Gr1 [GB 2.3] Posted by PaulOBrien [spanish ROM {HTCMania}] B895-slim [GB 2.3] [Chinese ROM] Xiao Feng Bones 6.15 [GB 2.3] Posted by weckl CyanogenMod 9.1 [iCS 4.0.4] Posted by Dazzozo MeijaICS [iCS 4.0.3] Posted by thejaimes111 Lightning ROM [iCS 4.0.3] Posted by kyan31 Tesla ROM [iCS 4.0.3] Posted by kyan31 MIUI v4 [iCS 4.0.4] [based on CyanogenMod 9] Posted by narkoman88 Stock+ ROM [iCS 4.0.3] Posted by Cyda StockPlus Emotion UI [iCS 4.0] Posted by PCTechRoss Jelly Cream Sandwich [iCS 4.0] Posted by krishang3 EMUI (EmotionUI) [iCS 4.0] Posted by dakok (Galaxy) S3 Custom Rom [iCS 4.0.3] Posted by wrtease MIUI v4 2.7.4 [iCS 4.0] Posted by Geno.Kolar Paranoid Android (CM9) [iCS 4.0] Posted by josalaito Supreme Emotion UI [iCS 4.0] Posted by PCTechRoss favaroooo [iCS 4.0] Posted by fraska LiGux v4 [iCS 4.0] Posted by qiwu huang LGstyle [iCS 4.0] Posted by Nickyteen MAPLE V3.0 [iCS 4.0] Posted by wrtease Geno ROM [iCS 4.0] Posted by Cyda IKB [iCS 4.0] Posted by dt_matthews lishuo0427-ATX-dawn [iCS 4.0.3] Posted by weckl X-UI {Chinese} [iCS 4.0] Posted by buwenxingming Blade III - INFUSION Hybrid [iCS 4.0] Posted by djgabi ShenDu OS [iCS 4.0] Posted by thejaimes111 Baidu Yi v24 beta English Repack [iCS 4.0.4] Posted by pOcHa Baidu v22 Repack [iCS 4.0.4] Posted by dakok CUSTOM ROM-SONY XPERIA ST26i STYLE [iCS 4.0] Posted by Nandosl59 [spanish ROM {HTCMania}] Ascendroid [iCS 4.0] [spanish ROM {HTCMania}] B952-slim [iCS 4.0] + 4.3.X CyanogenMod 10.2 [JB 4.3.1] by Dazzozo CyanogenMod 10.1 [JB 4.2.2] Posted by Dazzozo CyanogenMod 10.0 [JB 4.1.2] Posted by Dazzozo Electra ROM [JB 4.2.2] [based on CyanogenMod 10.1] Posted by kyan31 PAC-man {PA/AOKP/CM10} [JB 4.1] Posted by razzmataz1478 PAC-man {PA/AOKP/CM10.1} [JB 4.2.2] Posted by jordilopez94 AOKP [JB 4.2.2] Posted by telonius favaroooo - CM10.1 [JB 4.2.2] Posted by fraska ShenDu OS v130412 (new look) [JB 4.1.2] Posted by dakok Slim Bean [JB 4.2.2] Posted by telonius MIUI v5 Geno v3.4.6 [JB 4.1.2] Posted by dakok MIUI JB 2.12.28 [JB 4.1.2] Posted by narkoman88 MIUI v5 3.3.29 [JB 4.1.2] Posted by narkoman88 RootBox v3.8 {PA/AOKP/CM10} [JB 4.2.2] Posted by narkoman88 ShenDu OS (04/12/2012) [JB 4.1] Posted by carrthee89 MariDroi [JB 4.1.2] Posted by marcars AvatarRom [JB 4.1.2] Posted by narkoman88 AvatarRom [JB 4.2.2] Posted by narkoman88 LiQu OS alpha-4 [JB 4.2.1] Posted by Rydlis Android Open Kang Project [JB 4.1.2] Posted by raverrr [spanish ROM {HTCMania}] RainbowMod [JB 4.2.2] [based on CyanogenMod 10.1] FIREFOX OS >> found here << Posted by Dazzozo UBUNTU TOUCH >> Developer Preview << Posted by Dazzozo OTHERS ⇨ Chinese Cuisine - ROMs from far far away (Shendu and Anzhi) ⇦ Posted by dakok For a list of Huawei Stock ROMs; Click HERE For a tutorial on how to port Sense 4 and any other UI [TouchWiz, Motoblur, Xperia] to your Huawei G300; Click HERE IF YOU FIND THIS USEFUL PLEASE PRESS THE LITTLE GREEN BOX AT THE SIDE OF THIS POST!

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