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  1. I disabled GravityBox in Xposed and now no problem with navigation bar. And log into mobile network still persists :(
  2. Hi, my problem with the ROM after reboot every time shows the navigation bar. I have it in settings disabled. I use GravityBox and there is also disabled. Sometimes they not log in to the mobile network. Any idea? To day I make clean install with wipe all.
  3. Hi everyone I bought the LG G2, but certainly not open to this great community. Telephone inherited by his son, so that we can continue to help. Thank you Luca and Y300 for significant help.
  4. Hi all, I can not boot into recovery, after 20141013 nightly. I tried to flash it again via fastboot recovery and it did not help. That's why I do a clean install over update.app. This file I have, but I do not have vendor / update.app. How big is the problem? Thank you
  5. after install today nightly i can´t boot into recovery :angry: everything else works OK
  6. Gentlemen, I have a request. I need, if someone who has G510-0100 a stock ROM and root (without it I can not) do logcat for NFC. If someone was such, I will write more details. Thanks in advance
  7. Y300: btw: I must create this folders /system/vendor/FIRMWARE /data/misc/NFC and /data/NFC All the folders that I are create have permissions rwxr-xr-x
  8. tag not works. the new file is smaller then old one. Is it right? Here is logcat. nfc5.txt
  9. Y300: This is logcat after i made this Now have Beam working on latest slimkat build. Copied libpn544_fw.so to /system/vendor/firmware/ Copied EEDATA.cfg to /data/misc/nfc/ AND /data/nfc/ Coppied android.hardware.nfc.hce.xml from /system/etc/etc/permissions/ to /system/etc/permissions/ ALSO set permissions in /data/misc/nfc AND /data/nfc to drwxr-xr-x (don't forget to set file permissions the same as original, some like ESfile explorer seem to do it for you now) Can someone please check (who has 2 nfc phones or devices) please check this just to make sure i haven't fluked it? still tag not works :( nfc4.txt
  10. Gentlemen, today I broke my leg. Definitely two weeks I was out of the game.
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