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  1. I want a sim only, international, below 550 dollars, no specific needs, bloatfree.
  2. Hey, I am looking for a mid-range android smartphone, currently I can't choose between Google nexus 4 and samsung galaxy s3. If anybody has a suggestion for an other phone then please let me know.
  3. I would like to Bump this. I have a passion for learning anything on a computer and I would like to know where to start with android developing. Would be nice if some of the modaco veterans could help us. Good luck Omega.
  4. I have tested CM10.1, CM10, eco-CM9 and eco-CM7. I believe the eco-CM7 has the best battery life of these. I am still interested if any other ROM's have better battery life.
  5. Put Cm10.1 rom and gapps onto your sd card. Go into recovery. Factory reset (Delete everything on your device, including cache and dalvik cache.) Go to install zip from sd. Install Cm10.1 then install gapps. Restart. DONE
  6. Konsta, could you upload your files to https://mega.co.nz/ instead? It has an extremely fast upload and download rate.
  7. Android 4.3 leak, basically no difference. :( Just a minor performance update with a change in the camera app. http://pocketnow.com/2013/05/24/android-4-3-pictures#!prettyPhoto
  8. If there are other language files in this ROM. Where can I find them and how can I remove them? I would like to make this ROM as small as possible. -Henrik Edit: I found some main.dict files in the LatinIME file, are these the ones I should remove?
  9. Monitor mode is a state in which your wi-fi radio listens for incoming traffic. You can use this mode to easily crack WEP passwords. I have seen monitor mode in nexus devices. Is this possible to do? (Source) http://null-byte.wonderhowto.com/how-to/crack-wi-fi-passwords-with-your-android-phone-and-get-free-internet-0139261/
  10. Which ROM would you recommend? CM7 or CM9, I feel like CM9 and CM10 are kind of messy, in the case of apps opening slowly, the same with the startup of the phone. Is there something I can do to make my phone load faster? Great roms, good work!
  11. This was a lot laggier than the other ROMs, well what would I expect? Customization comes at a price, overall the ROM was good, the customization was easy to use but a little cluttered sometimes. Good ROM. 1+
  12. Hey guys, the installation of the newest rom worked on my 160 mb system partition, it is right below 160 mb at 159.96mb.
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