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  1. Have to say, this rom is pretty great. Performs great and super smooth, scrolling especially is a pleasure, thanks kyan! Only thing I'd say you could add, is a few options in the battery icons and more advanced toggles. Other than that, I can't complain!
  2. Well I'm glad to see you're back to cooking roms kyan, I'll try this out in a moment! Been running GB for months now, CM7 mostly but kinda getting fed up with some issues I'm getting. Hopefully yours will fill the gap between stability and a feature rich rom! :D
  3. Eh, that's weird. To mt it's bad to the point where I finish typing a message and the phone is still writing it for 5 more seconds or so... Gotta love this kind of per user problems. >.< I'll try to figure it out I guess, otherwise I'll just revert back to GB. In less than a month or so I intend to buy a new phone (probably a P6, hope my trust in Huawei doesn't come back and bite me in the ass with this one), so it's not much of a hassle if I'm stuck on GB for a bit longer...
  4. I see then, thanks. But never saw any explanation, I've read the few last pages but sifting through a thread isn't really practical, so I must have missed that. It's Launcher3 indeed, thought it'd be GEL due to the homescreen look and the way it behaved with the other gapps install. I've noticed that typing on this rom is insanely slow, both in the stock messaging app and more so in the Hangouts as my sms app, both with aosp keyboard and swiftkey, as this always been the case with CM11 or is it a buggy nightly? It's Was using hangouts in GB and it was butter smooth, even CM10 and 9 were much smoother than this.
  5. I have installed the pa_gapps-modular-mini-4.4.2-20131230-signed, haven't tried your stripped gapps because I wanted GEL among other stuff, even got to download it but when I posted that it was 5am and all I wanted was get to sleep. But in any case, is there something wrong with the oher packages? Because I did full wipes like I mentioned, came back from GB so installed the 2030 baseband, the latest CWM version, wiped data, cache, /mount/data, cache, system, cust, and dalvik. Installed the nightly and gapps, no play store. Reinstalled gapps without any wipes, nothing. Wiped dalvik and reinstalled, nothing. Wiped cache, system and dalvik, still nothing. Installing the stock gapps provided left without play store AND launcher. So unless there's something in your package you fixed, I've been doing the same I've always done for the past year of owning my G300 with no success. edit: installed the stripped gapps, it worked, thanks! So I take it it's something wrong with the other packages provided? There should be something in dazz's OP disclaiming that... Anyway, you mention you have GEL removed from the stripped version, but from the look of it all it's still there instead of the Trebuchet that usually comes with CM. Am I missing something?
  6. Well I gave KK a try after beeing in GB for a long time, but I can't get play store to install on my phone. I've installed the latest CWM build R8, did full wipes including everything under /mount except the sd card, installed the latest CM11 1/05/2014 and gapps-mini provided in dazz's OP, but play store just doesn't show up. Tried reinstalling gapps (without any wipes this time) and still nothing. So this kinda sucks, anyone found a solution for this? :(
  7. Well might still be a bit early to tell but right now battery life does seem a bit improved... Can't help but wonder that it could be related that I'm back from 1.114Ghz to the stock clock. Performance seems the same which is good, so I guess this is a good update. Thanks man! :)
  8. How much better is the battery life? I'm getting almost 48h of usage with the previous build and really can't complain about performance, I'm curious as to how much both aspects can be improved...
  9. Well I'd love to give the 3.4 kernel a try since I'm safe with Samsung memory, but since Dazz pulled CM 10.2 from getcm I'm stuck here waiting for it once again... Suppose there's no other source of download he authorized anyway? :(
  10. For someone who's been away from Modaco for a long time, can anyone tell me what are the benefits of the 3.4 kernel? Does CM10 with this kernel work as snappy as GB for example?
  11. Please give us some feedback afterwards, I'd like to know if this rom still has the issues that have been plaguing other builds of CM7 that have shown up, ie, call quality, wifi issues, etc...
  12. Well after going through a truckload of roms I've settled for this one for now, seems stable so far, haven't ran into any bugs yet. Surprised to find it as fast as AtomicMod, got the Antutu scores and the feel when using the rom to back it up, which is great because I'm not really looking for the holo look on a GB rom. I can even deal with the absense of native power toggles (using ones from the store would be great if it didn't get pushed down on the notification bar with every new notification, but whatever. Even edited the framework.apk a bit to get some images right. What's really bugging me is that image on the bottom... Cmon... Surprised to find this rom going pretty under the radar too, I've been using it for a short time so far, but does seem good!
  13. Chrome is a pretty heave browser for a smartphone with less than 512MB of usable RAM, you're just better off using something else to be honest. I found that Opera Mini and Dolphin Browser are the lightest ones there is.
  14. Didn't help, but I found out a way around it, used this online kitchen to get halfway there and enabled ICS animations instead of the ones that come with this rom. They're not exactly the ones I wanted, but it's a lot better now! Reckon that if I lose some time looking for other kitchens I might find the ones I wanted (crossfaded, I believe?). More than that, I had no idea this tool existed, and it's enabling me to tweak the aesthetic of the roms I use a bit more, I'm happy. :D http://uot.dakra.lt/
  15. Yeah noticed that as well, but batterystats didn't provide me the app that was draining it. Odd thing is I used exactly the same apps across all roms and only on CM7 did it give me that problem... But I'll look into it!
  16. Like they're supposed to according to my tastes :P I want animations, just not the ones included in the stock GB rom (and therefore, superslim), which seems to be the root of "problem" to me, that's all. However don't think this is something dovahpig can help me out with...
  17. They're on like they're supposed to. It's not lag per se, but whatever, don't think anything can be done about it other than changing the animations themselves (something I'd love to do if there's some way).
  18. How would I do that? There's no developer optiosn as far as I can see. edit: well quite honestly, I think it's the animations themselves that are set up like that, wherever that zooming in animation is present it behaves like that, unlike those fading ones present in a lot of roms. If this is the case, there's not much to be done lol.
  19. Yeah so to speak, it's not a big problem but coming from CM7 and AtomicMod with GO Launcher where animations are super-smooth, it's pretty noticeable. It's the animation itself I believe, it stops for a moment midway through and then resumes, 100% sure it happens on the main screen at least.
  20. Well sound issue really is improved, not entirely though. But it's better. However I'm getting insane battery drains, I mean a full battery discharging in less than a day with light usage, using Better Battery Stats I noticed AlarmManager takes a pretty bit toll on it, however I have no idea what to do since reinstalling the rom twice with full wipes and few apps installed didn't help. Does anyone know?
  21. A minor issue but I'm curious, animations tend to stutter a bit when opening apps, like when I'm on the main screen and I hit the messaging app, it stutters for a moment. It's nothing rom breaking, but still if there's any way to fix this I'd love to know it, think it's the only rom where this happens, regardless of the launcher I'm using.
  22. Hi! I recently tried my hand at overclocking the phone after a long time of not caring about it, it's set at 1.114Ghz where it's stable and doesn't crash. However I'm struggling to see any real benefit from it, Antutu score went about 100-150 points but that's it. Although I have no real basis of comparison, I see no difference in it's usage with the overclock in place, maybe a slightly smoother animation in GO Launcher (using CM7 btw), but even that is so small that I'm not sure if it's only placebo. I'm asking other users, do you think it's worth having the G300 overclocked when it's not used for gaming in the slightest? Do you feel any benefit from it? I can't tell if browsing or whatever else is faster because I have no real idea how the phone reacted without the overclock, but since I don't notice anything I'm wondering if it's worth keeping the overclock and the battery hit... Thanks.
  23. How come? But this CM7 build isn't Dazz work anyway... Shame, this is keeping this ROM from beeing straight up perfect for me.
  24. My mistake, I was going through a bunch of roms and mixed up that one. But thank you anyway, wasn't a big fan of the percentage + bar either :P
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