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  1. I'm having problems with INT2EXT+. I modified my rom according to instructions but it doesen't boot, just shows CM loading screen... Could the problem possibly be with my partitions? I have european gen2 blade with 230mb system partition or something. Some people seem to have gotten it working, am I the only one having this problem?
  2. I tried so search from this topic but is anyone else having "insufficient storage error" like me on some apps? I can't install for example Google Japanese Input or Twitter applications... I have S2E installed and working just fine so the storage shouldn't be a problem. I formatted the SD card with Clocworkmod recovery's tool, should I format the ext partition on my computer again to ext4?
  3. Thanks for this rom! It's awesome to have HW video acclerating back! Things to be fixed: -overclocking -apps incompatible on Play Market (S2E, Chrome etc.) -S2E is a necessarity for this phone. I can install only a couple of apps on internal storage. -Screenshot button for power button menu -blinking and slow turn off to sleep and waking up btw. KonstaT are you Finnish? I saw name "tuomas" in build.prop ;) Keep up your amazing work!
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