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  1. Try Settings->apps->all->google play->clear data
  2. gaijyn

    Voice Unlock on G300

    unpack the zip,and in system/app you can remove any app you want and also you can put any app.Then zip the files again and flash ;)
  3. gaijyn

    Voice Unlock on G300

    here is the download link of the modifyed rom.Just download it,put it on your sd card,enter in teamwin recovery and flash it (after flashed the rom flash ics gaps too) and reboot to system. Before flash the rom is important to factory reset in recovery,wipe cache and wipe system too. Good luck. Download link: http://www.2shared.c...x8cPdq/rom.html
  4. gaijyn

    Voice Unlock on G300

    thanks. Now testing :)
  5. gaijyn

    Voice Unlock on G300

  6. gaijyn

    Voice Unlock on G300

    so here is what i did: 1.in teamwin recovery i did a factory reset 2.flashed the rom (says:install complete) 3.flasehd ics gaps (says install complete) 4.reboot to system 5.got bootloop in the older rom bootlogo 6.reboot to chinese recovery and reinstall the rom but got error in install. I only replace the update-script,nothing else. Plssssssss upload the rom.zip not just the update-script....
  7. You mean vol down+power off two times?
  8. gaijyn

    Voice Unlock on G300

    i`ll try that too... Edit:did that with no luck...same error... :( If you could upload somewhere the modified zip it will be great...
  9. gaijyn

    Voice Unlock on G300

    can you give me a link to it please? Edit:found and installed it. --Install /sdcard/U8818_201_20130106.zip ... Finding update package... Opening update package... Installing update... E:Error in /tmp/sideload/package.zip (Status 0) *Verifying filesystems... *Verifying partition sizes... Error flashing zip `/sdcard/U8818_201_20130106. What is wrong????
  10. gaijyn

    Voice Unlock on G300

    I followed you instructions and got bootloop
  11. try wipe data,cache,in mount and storage format system and then install B07 again

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