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  1. Thanks for the info, elrond_bs. So i gues i have to install the rom via a reboot in recovery (after installing the latest recovery-clockwork blade.zip).
  2. Hello, i have a question. I did a full wipe of my blade before installing this 4.2 rom. But now when i want to use rom manager to reboot and install the new rom, it gives the message: "Unfortunately, Rom manager has stopped". With the 4.1 rom it worked perfectly. I re-wiped the phone and reinstalled the rom using recovery. The rom itself works great, i can even use bluetooth, but rom manager wont install a rom when choosing the option: "install rom from sd card" Did i do something wrong or missed something when flashing? Do i have to format my sd card? Or is there a certain setting i have to use?
  3. Thanks for the rom and the bluetooth support. After a full wipe and a new install, my blade paired without problems with my Zeo Mobile.
  4. Thanks for the great ROMs and updates, KonstaT.

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