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  1. Yes, exactly. It working on my phone without any issues.
  2. Hi, If you thing link2int, it's working. Just install rom, use file for swap SD cards (internal instead of external, 5th page I thing), download pimpmyrom from market, busybox installer, install busybox to XBIN, let PMR allow init.d , flash link2int and whoala.... Working. If anyone flash overclocking Kernel with Bluetooth working, please let me know. That's only one thing, what I missing, but not too much important.
  3. Hello, I really like UI of this ROM. It's absolutely amazing. Same with performace, but I found one issue. When I've tried to flash Link2SD mod, this one is not working. Link2SD didn't found internal SD as partition. Init .apk was installed as well and for example overclocking is good. Anybody runs Link2SD properly? Or this mod will not working with this rom?
  4. ok, I´ll try it. I had 460, which from my point enough, but higher will be better. maybe.
  5. Hello, First at all, I want to say many thanks to Dazz. You prepaired awesome ROM. Very smooth and fast and JB really beatiful, but.... I´ve got one minor BUG and has to go back to Fusion ROM. When somebody called me, I has only black screen, phone vibrate, but stayed turned off. Nothing didn´t worked. All buttons incl. power, no touch response, nothing. When display was turned on, than everithing works fine, but when was turned off, then nothing. Any idea, how to solve that? Thanks.
  6. I´m on 1,6 and it works very fine for me. I´ve got one question. How can I disable "no Wifi connection, continue with 3G data" pop up window? Thanks in advance.

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