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  1. I cannot correctly install the S500 driver on my windows 8. I get no error running the setup but the smartphone is still not correctly recognized by windows and "adb devices" returns nothing. Is there a particular method to install the drivers ?
  2. Lucky you. I really wish I could have known about this cpu thing before buying my S500.
  3. Are you sure ? :( There's nothing about unlocked bootloader in your howto.
  4. Hi, Looks nice ! Do you know if it is compatible with the cpu-1 Cloudmobiles (aka Belgian and Romanian ones) ?
  5. Thanks, I tried the app. It says the phone isn't rooted, so finaly the unroot package from Vache did work ! Sadly, the superuser app is still there, but not really : it was still in the app drawer, I managed to remove it by "disabling" it in the applications settings menu, but it still shows in the list (as com.noshufou.android.su). I might need to use the warrantly for my CM so I don't know if it is ok to have an item named "su" in the apps list. :/ Maybe I will just flash the stock ROM after all.
  6. Thanks for the answers. Vache, your unroot package, do I have to install it through CWM ? Because I tried (used choose update from sdcard) and it did nothing, so maybe I didn't do it correctly. Could you explain shortly the steps to follow ? edit : The Superuser app is still installed and I can access every folder with Astro. But some applications (like network spoofer) don't work anymore because the phone isn't rooted, apparently. So I'm a little confused here, is the phone unrooted ? Shouldn't I be unable to explore some folders with Astro then (eg /system and stuff) ? And I can't uninstall superuser app.
  7. Isn't there a way to do it without having to flash the phone ?
  8. The question was asked a couple of times on this thread but no one answered it yet : is there a way to unroot the phone ? I'd like to know if it is possible.
  9. Lucky you. I bought mine in Krefel and it is a Mobistar phone and I didn't know it meant having a different image.
  10. Same thing in Belgium, it seems the Cloudmobiles sold in stores comes in a Mobistar pack, having an image with the same "limitations" as the Romanian one (not able to flash the leaked JB and no certainty that an official update will ever be done by Mobistar)
  11. I have a EMEA_MBSD. I am not a Mobistar customer (I use Mobile Vikings), so it's doesn't seem to be locked to work only for Mobistar, but when I checked the CPU type with the "fastboot -i 0x0502 oem device-infos" command, there was a line saying "locked : yes". Don't know what it means though.
  12. Well, that's not exaclty what I meant, I'm interested to know if having a -1 CPU will prevent from customizing my phone like it is now with the leaked JB. Moreover, I don't think that in Belgium Mobistar will release any update for the phone (for example my build dates back from september, seems quite old ...), so yeah I want to be able to install updates/custom ROMs on my own.
  13. Does having a -1 CPU mean that flashing won't be possible at all ? Even when the official 4.1 update will be released ? I have a EMEA_MBSD image (the Mobistar model, but when I bought it I wasn't aware about this limitation) and I fear that I won't be able to customize my CM in the future ...
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