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  1. replaced the library for those in their update. A total of 2.3 radio is dead, but 4 works, but the data is still dead. ((
  2. If the modem LG P500 can help us - that could cost them look fix a radio that works on CM9
  3. Optimus one was working CM9, modem as I understand it fully functional. Lens seems you said that the progress of skiers in the plan can help us?)
  4. Optimus one was working CM9, modem as I understand it fully functional. Lens seems you said that the progress of skiers in the plan can help us?)
  5. http://www.gitorious.net/android-on-freerunner/platform_hardware_ril/blobs/479a7fab26c78b33dd962a03694c58bfa3e7b045/rild/Android.mk http://www.netmite.com/android/mydroid/hardware/ril/rild/rild.c https://github.com/plattypus/Android-4.0.1_r1.0/blob/master/hardware/ril/rild/rild.c The insides of the library) They all have an open litsenziyu.Odin of the answers to my log-Yes, your Rild not loaded. Make sure you copy your changes 2.3.7 init.rc or device *. RC file and set the initial class into the new format ICS and JB use.probably it will give some mysli.I still running into constant references to some libreference-ril.so.Probably this is the open library, which said Obektiv.Nadeyus least part of the benefit to our developers, and correct me if this is not what you need)
  6. https://github.com/skibbi/freeril like it was, but decayed = (seems like we should forget about this device and look for something more lively, bloody Acer!((
  7. Ironically, one of the forums on HTC saw a simple but oddly enough work for them to take the decision-Library 2.3, added a new source of androyd 4 and it worked! O_o Yes, on one of the links above described establishment of a library, I'm looking for a ready and open, but I'm afraid that the best option, write it yourself)
  8. http://habrahabr.ru/post/185012/ Maybe we should try to get around ril Library, addressed directly to the command parser to reel demon, and then, if successful, result not think about how to change or create a ril Library.Eto also possible in the future to raise the modem and CM 10))
  9. Perhaps it is time to look for the kernel guru to be modified to pass AT commands directly through it, as well it would be a good idea to look for solutions to the camera.
  10. I thought only the manufacturer can not change the library, aosp adroyda same source, which can be changed as you please?)
  11. Do you think it cost to rebuild the kernel, replacing the library of Acer's library aosp (with the appropriate sauce) and everything will work? Then maybe should decide, and with modifications to the camera. Linux kernel in version 3 can help us?
  12. http://afewe.wordpress.com/android-arm-development/working-with-the-radio-layer-interface-ril-in-android/ and http://www.kandroid.org/online-pdk/guide/telephony.html interesting articles about rild libraries, because they problems with the data, is not it? Maybe someone is able to help rebuild or we need to create a library)
  13. what if if it works? may like cheating modem-only solution to get data M9? worth a try
  14. I would like to say that no device works with a modem when connected to a PC, and the driver PC.i these functions can not be transferred Android)
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