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  1. where do you get this app? i didnt found it in the playstore...
  2. Hi there, how can i deactivate the 720p recording in custom roms? i am using the optimus pure google rom at the moment but the recording is a little bit to laggy for me. i want to use the normal size but in the camera app i can only choose 720p or mms... is there a parameter in build.prop oder something else? greetz from germany
  3. I dont have the playstore. i flashed 240dpi.zip directly after the rom but still no playstore.... another issue: i can use my google account but there is no sync. maybe its the same prob. P.S. Sync is working after flashing the gapps-gb-20110828-signed.zip. But still no playstore... do you know "lcd density pro"? within this app i can download a modded play store and do some fixes.
  4. what about Next Browser? i like the gestures and it runs very smooth for me. a very new browser.
  5. the smoothest launcher i`ve ever seen is Next Launcher and i've testet very very much. it cost 7,... euro but for this excellent work i paid it. you can try it for 36 hours https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gtp.nextlauncher.trial&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5ndHAubmV4dGxhdW5jaGVyLnRyaWFsIl0. give it a try ^_^
  6. The script int2ext+ didnt work for me. always staying at the bootlogo. but i testet int2extv2+. from the same site. this one workes probably. nice rom at all!
  7. i tried the int2ext+ script from cronmod. i think it is the same as you used. i first flashed the rom, after that the gapps and the the int2ext+ script. after reboot, the cyanomod circle turns and turns... i wait about 7-8 mins but nothing happens....
  8. hi h3ros, you did it. the play store seems to work. i can install dropbox and shazam. but your patch didnt work. after reboot he says that the play store isnt installed. a fresh flash with your marketstore works perfectly. the link to the kitchen did also work perfectly. after reading and looking (about 30 mins, the settings are very tricky) i got it working. very nice, the kitchen. i fell like a little dev now ;o)
  9. thank u. i'll try it later. another question: is there a chance to replace the battery symbol? e.g like the circle in JB? the percent are very small....
  10. Sounds good, but i get a problem with it. i cant delete the account. if i try, he ist asking me "do you really want to delete....". i choose "yes i will really really" and get the error that some apps need this and the only way is to make a factory reset... the account is still in there. ii tried the update you postet but he says "app not installed". so, should i try to replace the PlayStore in H3 Blues V2.2.zip with yours and flash it? If yes, can you tell me which APK i have to replace? GooglePlayServices.apk??? ty
  11. a fresh install with a modified version of h3blues works. i changed the value in built.prop before flashing. after flashing i get no errors and all seems good. but there is a new problem. some apps are incompatible now or not in the play store. shazam disapear when i search for it and dropbox says that this version is incompatible. i cant erase my google account (as in the JB/ICS Roms) because he says the only way to do it is to make a factory reset (its locked because some apps need the account).
  12. i changed it with the app "rom toolbox lite". exactly this value. after reboot most apps had a force close. like shazam, swiftkey and android system apps. no chance to work with it... any solutions? on which rom did u tested the 200?
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