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  1. That bug happens on P736V models. I do not know what the hell is causing that. I'm sorry.
  2. Install the update manually through your recovery. Either that, or update your recovery to allow the installation ignoring the signature issue.
  3. Hello! My friends, I just want to inform you that I will no longer continue to develop this ROM, since, unfortunately, I don't know what else I could implement, in order to upgrade it. There's one thing I would like to implement but I simply don't know how to do it and, for what I've seen all over the internet, no one does. I'm talking about swipe to kill recent apps. No one, so far, was able to implement that on Gingerbread. Besides, Gingerbread is old and no one seems to care about it anymore. Anyway, I've enjoyed developing this ROM and I believe that this is the best Gingerbread ROM, at least best looking, available for the Crescent. I just hope you enjoy it. It's been cool but now is over. Cya!
  4. Soooo... Are you guys enjoying the new status bar or what? Reply here fellows, don't be shy.
  5. You are able to merge those updates into your system folder. SuperSU has an option for that, and other apps updates can be integrated on your system by using an app that does that. Link2SD has that feature. If you install Link2SD, DO NOT, mount the second partition. Just install it, and use it only to update the system apps. "What's the ETA"... LOL! :D
  6. PirateDroid V2.4 *Changelog* - Completely new Status Bar, Jelly Bean 4.2.2 style - Minor fixes on Contacts.apk and framework-res.apk Wipe cache and dalvik-cache, after installing the update and before rebooting the phone. If your coming from V2.3, probably you won't need to wipe anything. *Disclaimer* After a month of hard work, I was finally able to completely revamp the status bar. This was not an update on the previous status bar. This was a complete overall modding over the stock Ginger Bread status bar. All previous status bar were based on AndroIum's status bar, which was based on CM 7.2 status bar. Therefore, and since now your status bar is based on the stock Ginger Bread one, you will no longer be able to see status bar in landscape mode, nor you'll be able to adjust brightness by scrolling your finger on the status bar without expanding it. Anyway, check out the screens. By looking into them, you'll be able to see all new status bar features. Besides what you'll see, I inform you that you will also have shortcuts to alarms, and calendar, by touching the clock, or the date, respectively. *Stock Ginger Bread Status Bar* *New PirateDroidV2 Status Bar* *Notes* Due to a second layout bug, that no one so far has been able to solve it (where the close drag handle gets bellow the toggles, causing a major visual horrible thing), the status bar now always is dropped up/down completely. You'll see what I mean as soon as you start to handle it. The profile image file has to be stored on your SD Card and, every time you reboot, it will take a few moments to appear. Flashlight toggle will not work and will FC your status bar. Do not use it. Remove that toggle for the time being. I will try to fix this...although I think it will be quite hard to accomplish it. Touch any toggle to activate/deactivate it, long press it to access it's settings. Hope you enjoy this. Cya!!
  7. Hello! wpa_supplicant is a file that's located at /system/bin/ Replace the one you'll find there, for the one you want. You can do that by flashing a zip, or manually, using root explorer (or any other explorer with root permission). If you do it manually, just don't forget to put the correct permissions on the file.
  8. :) And prepare for the next update. A completely brand new status bar is on the way.
  9. Leave PirateDroid? Hmmm.... And what if you replace wpa_supplicant.conf on PirateDroid's Zip, for your stock one, and then flash the ROM? Won't it work? Better yet, try to replace the file having the ROM flashed and see if it works. If it does, I could launch a fix through a flashable zip.
  10. Yes. You could install the update manually but I really think it's better to just update your CWM Recovery. I recommend
  11. Yes, that is happening. You may ignore it and proceed with the installation.
  12. Hello! USB Debug works. Never had any issue with that. How could I possible develop a ROM, and modify/test new stuff, without USB Debugging working correctly? Strange that it's not working on your end, that's for sure. By the way, you're on latest version, right? It's just that, on earlier versions, USB Debugging is, indeed, working but you have no visual information about it. I've only activated the USB Debugging visual information on V2.3. Have you tried to connect your phone to your PC and tried to launch adb commands to see that, in fact, it's not working?
  13. Hello! Yes, this thread is still alive. I'm simply having to much to do on real life that's keeping me from coming here as much as I wanted. I'm also trying to come up with a new status bar and that, also, is keeping me pretty much busy. Now, first things first. WiFi connection issues appeared on everyone that had changed the phone's TPT original config. That's why I've mentioned on the OP that I recommend you to flash a stock TPT with, at least, 200MB system partition before flashing the ROM. I also delivered you, on the OP, a stock TPT with 220MB system. If you're a P736E user, do flash that stock TPT and, afterwards, flash the ROM. Internal memory, and by internal I mean /data/app, is indeed on the sdcard. Internal memory is not supposed to lower to ridiculous sizes since, every time your reboot, the INT2EXTV2+ script "does it's magic". Anyway, the script needs internal 100MB for every 500MB external in order to work properly. I've mentioned that on the OP as well. "eap-sim", "FreeWifi_secure", etc... I haven't touch that, so it is as it was on the stock ROM from which this ROM is based on. On other words, I haven't touched on wpa_supplicant.conf. If anyone knows a better config for that file, please do tell. Cya soon!
  14. Hello! No, you don't have to download anything else. All you have to do is to flash the ROM and, afterwards, access OTA Updater app and...update. :)
  15. Hmmm..."dropped my ZTE Crescent in water"... Sorry, I don't think there's a salvation near by. :unsure: Anyway, the operations you've performed on the recovery didn't remove the ROM. They simply remove all user data, cache, sd-ext data and dalvik-cache. Have you tried the "Save your dead vivacity" thread?

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