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  1. Wow i cant believe this post is still going
  2. I wouldn't ever recommend replica phones, usually they have poor build quality and will likely never receive an Android update, why doesn't he get a Moto G like yourself?
  3. Just in case you've wanted it. Just right click and save image. Thanks
  4. Pure Refix By Ross Screenshot Download (Click Here) (Currently only for 4.2.2 (EMUI 1.6)
  5. I will keep this updated Notification Panel
  6. PCTechRoss

    First impression?

    I have this device and my likes/Dislikes would be Likes: Design Weight Screen Speed Dislikes: Audio is not loud enough Emotion UI still needs more features (Also i have a screen shot of Emotion UI 2.0) Look!! Can't wait for this!
  7. PCTechRoss

    HUAWEI g510 creaking

    If you're going to do that then I would suggest waiting for the Ace 3
  8. PCTechRoss

    HUAWEI g510 creaking

    Does it really matter? it's a low price phone
  9. PCTechRoss

    HUAWEI g510 creaking

    Mine doesn't creak but maybe that's because I use a case
  10. How did you get the notification bar like that?
  11. Should be in the settings under notification
  12. PCTechRoss

    Video Codecs

    +1 MX Player is the best
  13. I'm using stock, I like the Emotion UI & its fast for me.

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