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  1. jcarloszyuste

    [JB] [4.1.2] CyanogenMod 10.0 [ROM]

    Is the battery better than cm10.1?
  2. I think the links are fall Edit:Sorry, now it works
  3. jcarloszyuste

    [JB][4.2.2] PAC Milestone 1 RC1 [05/08/13]

    What about the battery? Os ir better that cm10.1?
  4. He wanna knows how he can change the pie control's buttons
  5. jcarloszyuste

    [JB] [4.2.2] CyanogenMod 10.1 [ROM]

    When are u gonna update it? By the way, its really good:D
  6. jcarloszyuste

    [JB] [4.2.2] CyanogenMod 10.1 [ROM]

    Thanks for this awesome ROM from Spain!

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