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  1. Copy paste de pe un forum pe altul. Exact asta fac. Daca esti atat de superior incat critici si injuri asa necunoscutii, de ce nu incerci tu sa faci un ROM pentru bootloader blocat? Iti spun eu ceva. Stai in banca ta, sau daca ai ceva de spus, spune in mod civilizat, ca mai mult ai de castigat. Peace out.
  2. NU conteaza extenia domeniul, oricum nu vreau sa dau 50 Euro pe un domeniu .ro, care se inreg. pe viata, hostul si domeniul le-am cumparat din banii mei, nu am cerut la nimeni. Nu-s chiar asa de ieftine pe cat crezi. Si vezi cum vorbesti, ca nu stii cu cine ai de-a face.
  3. New domain name guys, this one should be indexed shortly.
  4. Safe to disable or fully remove. Here's a list of apps that can be safely removed from the device.
  5. Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know that there's now a romanian forum dedicated to Acer s500: Forum Acer CloudMobile in romana. Join if you want.
  6. Hey. I am having the same problem, but I'm not able to solve it by pushing that bin fine. The thing is, I've formatted all the partitions with cwm, including /persist :( That was really stupid. Now, when trying to install the ROM from zip, it will fail to copy all the files. I'm looking for a firmware that's flashable through ADT or through a different method, because I need my partitions back. Please guys help me. I can't use my phone like this.
  7. Hey guys. Where can I find the stock Orange RO ics firmware? Not the update.zip. I'm looking for a firmware that can be flashed using the ADT. Thanks
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