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  1. I stand corrected by Loconinja - there is indeed a T-Mobile splash screen. It appears between the Samsung Omnia 7 screen and the Windows Phone logo splash - but the whole boot-up sequence is remarkably quick, especially compared with my old HD2.
  2. Actually, I can't see ANY customisation from T-Mobile at all! Vodafone have the red tiles and the 360 apps, Orange has the orange tiles and their cluster of branded apps... but it seems like T-Mo has left it all untouched. There are a couple of Samsung customisations like the Now tile, and a Samsung section on the Marketplace, but as far as carrier branding and interference goes, I've got to give big credit to T-Mo - they didn't even make the tiles pink!
  3. Indeed - I had to wait an extra day for my Omnia 7, but I got a call yesterday morning, and I've been told it's being delivered later today.
  4. I don't know where you're based, but I can tell you that T-Mobile US is confirmed to be offering it - that was announced several weeks ago - but it's not expected to be offered directly through any of T-Mobile's European operations. It's possible that Dell will strike up a network affiliation for distributing the handset - just as they did with O2 to sell the Streak - but so far there's no indication of that happening in Europe yet, and it's currently expected to be available SIM-free/handset only outside of the US. That said, Dell have officially released virtually no information on the Venue Pro yet - Dell really seems to suck at handling product launches and building anticipation for new products; they did the same sort of thing for the Streak, Adamo and Adamo XPS launches - so there may be some new announcements about their distribution channels still to come... but don't hold your breath.
  5. Having read about the bugs with HTC WP7 handsets, the inferior build quality of the HD7 compared with the HD2, the inferior materials of the HD7 compared with the Desire HD and EVO 4G, and the numerous reviews that highlight the surprisingly poor display on the HD7 (from comments that it's simply unremarkable to those highlighting weak contrast levels, and poor comparisons with even the Trophy and Mozart), I've taken the plunge and ordered the Omnia 7. That said, I've got the HD2 already, and I'm really frustrated by the fact that - from a hardware point of view - the HD7 is basically the same handset in a less appealing package. The Omnia 7 obviously has very similar specs, but in a matte aluminium body, and with that absolutely stunning AMOLED screen, and that for me represents a reasonable upgrade over the handset I've already got.
  6. The official HTC Accessory Store specifies microSD cards as being accessories for HTC's range of WP7 devices - and the Dell Venue Pro apparently has a microSD slot as well. Amazing that there's so little information on this, when the first devices are due to go on sale tomorrow!
  7. Hey Paul, As mentioned in this article at Neowin, it seems that HTC are selling microSD cards as accessories for their Windows Phone 7 devices. In fact, you can see here at the official HTC Accessory Store that it specifically lists a range of microSD cards as "HTC HD7 memory" options - and the same options are available for the other HTC WP7 handsets announced. Any idea what the story is there?
  8. You and me both - I've been saving my upgrade for months in anticipation of a WP7 handset. Looks like we're both out of luck though - the image below would seem to suggest that Vodafone's handsets will be restricted to the Trophy and Optimus: Other than offering the choice of two brands - HTC or LG - I don't really see the point in offering these two near-identical handsets; there's very little to differentiate them, other than each one having its own fairly drab hardware design. I've got a HD2 at the moment, and neither Trophy nor Optimus seem like much of a step up from that. The Omnia 7 would be something though, given that it's got the fairly large AMOLED screen (even if, for me, all the other specs are pretty similar to my current device) - but it doesn't look like Vodafone will be stocking it if that slide is to be believed. It's also still not possible to pre-order the Omnia 7 from 3, even though Monday's press release said it would be available to pre-order via www.three.co.uk/windowsphone from 12 October - however, that page is still only showing the same 'prize draw' page that's been up there for weeks. Tedious.
  9. Indeed, I was wondering this myself. Between the live tiles constantly updating, the photos, contacts, calendar and messages syncing with the cloud, streaming of Zune music on the move, plus regular usage of internet and emails, I can't imagine that the paltry 1GB of data that is included with standard tariffs is going to come close to being sufficient every month. I can see some pretty chunky data billing come my way in the not-too-distant future...
  10. Other than the inferior camera and the comparatively dull aesthetic, I'm struggling to see the point of the Trophy being offered alongside the Mozart. HTC's own description for the Trophy reads: "HTC 7 Trophy harnesses the power of Xbox LIVE. Gamers will enjoy the speed and responsiveness of fast action gameplay supported by the phone’s high-performance 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and controlled through the vivid WVGA 3.8″ touchscreen. High-fidelity, virtual surround sound – through SRS WOW HD™ – brings a rich audio experience whether the user is playing a game, watching a video or listening to their favorite music." ...but Xbox LIVE obviously isn't unique to this handset, and neither are the SRS WOW HD feature or Snapdragon processor that's in all their other WP7 releases. I've been holding off on my Vodafone upgrade for six months, and it looks like the Trophy is the only HTC WP7 handset they'll be stocking, which sucks. That said, even the 'mighty' HD7 isn't really a step-up in terms of hardware over my HD2. From a hardware point of view, I've got to say that today's announcements were pretty disappointing!
  11. I couldn't agree more! Shame it's only a 3.6" screen too.
  12. I couldn't agree more about forums being driven by community spirit, but the forums themselves are turning into ghost towns, and are a shadow of their former selves. And is that entirely surprising? Why would a community stick around on a site that its owners seem to have given up on, except where there's a commercial opportunity involved? The fact that months have passed with no real update on Paul's promises - and that the only movement we've seen from Paul is yet another commercial endorsement ultimately designed to make more money - doesn't really say much about his commitment to the community. As I said previously, I appreciate that there's a need to ensure that the site is self-sufficient, and a desire to make some pocket money as a by-product of the process - but with the forum in decline, and with news updates all but dead, and Paul giving no indication that actual progress is being made to reinvigorate the site and give people a reason to come back, it seems very much like the only motivation for keeping the site going is to foster commercial opportunities, while the community spirit you mention is being subjected to the indignity of an incredibly slow and painful death. Either Paul's has seen for himself the decline, the comments made, and the questions asked about it, and has chosen to ignore them all; or he's not seen them because he's too busy focusing on other projects and isn't really part of this community that he created so long ago. I don't take much encouragement from either of those possibilities, and I think it's very sad that Paul's allowed things to end up like this, when he once seemed so passionate and excited about the MoDaCo community, which was the very reason I got excited about it too all those years back. I guess all good things really do come to an end.
  13. Paul, sorry to post off-topic - but is there any chance we can have an update in this thread? We've been waiting three months for you to post some more substantial news, but things have been just as dead on MoDaCo lately as they have been over the last year. The fact that you've come back to us with yet more promotional activities and development of commercial opportunities for the site, but left us waiting with no further information about this supposed renaissance of news and activity, doesn't exactly inspire confidence that you're serious about reversing the decline in quality of the site over the last twelve months. Are there going to be any actual improvements to the site, or are you just focusing all of your efforts on making more money? I hate to be so brusque about this all, but your faithful community have been waiting a long time for you to make good on your promise, and it seems like our only reward is more stagnation, and the appearance at least that no development is happening save for those developments that line the MoDaCo purse. Should we give up and sod off somewhere else, or are you actually committed to the community and to making MoDaCo a thriving hub of discussion and news once more?
  14. So... it's coming up to three months since Paul's post announcing that the good days would soon return, and that the news side of the things at least would be less of the barren wilderness that it's become in the last year or so. I don't know if anything's actually been going on behind the scenes, but not much has been happening for all of us to see. So... is anything actually happening, Paul? It really saddens me to be witnessing the slow and very undignified death of MoDaCo. It was the very first online community that I joined when I bought my first Windows Mobile phone, the wonderful Orange SPV E200. Back then, it was a much more vibrant place, and it only improved with age. But the focus seemed to shift as time went by. I think things started to go downhill a bit when the Mobiholics site arrived on the scene; perhaps this was a simple by-product of split focus, and trying to do to many things rather than doing fewer things well. As that focus was split between Mobiholics ghost town and MoDaCo, MoDaCo really stagnated, and for a long time it seemed like the only improvements being made here were to bolster the MoDaCo Plus offering. Don't get me wrong, I get the need and desire to monetise a digital community, both to make it self-sustaining and to turn a cheeky profit, but in my very humble opinion, it seems like all of the effort was put into making the paid-for option better, while the core offering of the site was allowed to die a slow and painful death. This is my first visit to MoDaCo in over a month. There's one additional news item on the front page, and the forums for my handsets are more or less dead. I honestly don't see much point in coming back any more. The site's been allowed to die, and even the promises of its resurrection seem to be amounting to nothing. Should I bother coming back, Paul, or have you given up on MoDaCo for good?
  15. Same boat here - I was looking forward to my lie-in this morning, but I was up and about at half 7 to await my delivery... Called T-Mobile this afternoon, and was told that it's due for delivery "by Tuesday". Got the Royal Mail tracking number for it as well, and the parcel is currently sitting at a sorting office 120 miles away. Still, the problems with Royal Mail have been well documented by the media lately; I'm willing to chalk this up to postal problems, rather than a "T-Mobile fail".
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