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  1. topcat07

    please help can not flash back to stock

    thanks but i give up everything HAS to be a right pain the ass fed up of this!
  2. topcat07

    please help can not flash back to stock

    i have flashed orange logo on will that be okay for warranty ?
  3. So i rooted , enabled adb secure but keep getting this every time i flash orange stock it starts the install but then fails on the phone with this messgae: Finding update package opening update package installing update package assert faied: file_getprop (system/build.prop ro.build fingerprint ... E:Error in/cache /update.zip whats going on ?:(
  4. topcat07

    Quickest way to unroot back to stock?

    Do I just put the orange update. Zip on my internal memeroy then update from usb storage? That will put everything back
  5. Hi chaps, What is the quickest way to unroot and get back to stock os? Does anyone know a secure way of wiping all my data of the phone to? Ideally looking for a app which will write loads of duff data onto the phone
  6. topcat07

    Pink screen issue?

    Anyone else got a slight pink tinge on a black a screen In a dark room on here?
  7. I'm getting one of these delivered today i905 so if anyone has anything they want to ask I might be able to test or answer please feel free
  8. topcat07

    Any root for UK model yet?

    Thanks I might wait then :D see xda have a way but will see if any methods come available on here before doing it
  9. topcat07

    [!!SOLD!! Anyone want an UNLOCKED San Diego? ]

    Swap you it for one with a broken power button, dead pixel and locked. A bargain I know
  10. topcat07

    How do people find the 1GB ram?

    Great info thanks. Being a developer can you see 1gb ram lasting for a couple of years or will apps etc start needing 2gb which is going into flagship phones? I can run xp quite happily on 1gb so not sure why these new phones are creeping in with 2gb
  11. topcat07

    How do people find the 1GB ram?

    How do I plug this leak?
  12. topcat07

    How do people find the 1GB ram?

    If i kill everything on a ram manager the xolo rom is taking up 512mb of ram with nothing open . What could the extra 300mb be? :wacko:
  13. topcat07

    How do people find the 1GB ram?

    Does ics take 512mb ram by default seems a lot.. As there are older devices running ics with only 512mb ram
  14. Do you think it's enough? Or do you run into issues regular when multitasking?

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