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  1. Mine works pretty well, I can even run Chrome without lags!
  2. asdfPipe

    low ram usage applications??

    Music = I don't know any light music player LauncherPro = Outdated, and a little bit ugly but you can customize it Gallery = QuickPic Keyboard = Why change keyboard? Browser = Opera Mini
  3. too tricky... is there an easy way to fix those bugs? I tried a lot of times and always get "Status 7: installation aborted" at second step
  4. Gellmar's fix already includes a kernel, If you replace it with Suxsem's kernel usb doesn't work :(
  5. Suxsem can you please fix the usb mass storage in your kernel? some user made a fix but it was added to the stock kernel
  6. asdfPipe

    CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    New nightly, check http://get.cm/?device=e400

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