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  1. been using this rom for like a month now, its the first JB that i have used more than a week. excellent work and thanks again.
  2. ICS: Baidu, Slim JB: Slimbean, CM10.1 (joestone)
  3. miui doesnt have an app dawer (afaik), but u can download one in the playstore, just type 'app drawer' in search.
  4. MoneyPrinter.apk that made me laugh lol
  5. y4ss1n

    Need a change of rom

    slimbean 4.2.2, best jb rom ive used on this phone
  6. i duno about performance but slimbean has better battery
  7. y4ss1n

    New *Huawei Ascend G700*

  8. y4ss1n

    CM10 Performance options

    depends which jellybean rom ur using tho... on slimbean (4.2.2) the battery is the same as ICS for me
  9. I wont say its faster than Slim ICS, but ive been on Slim ICS for like a month, then i switched to this rom (slimbean) 2 weeks ago, and i dont wanna go back to slim ics now.. this is the first jb rom which meets all my requirements.
  10. y4ss1n

    CM10 Performance options

    doesnt ZRAM make ur phone consume more battery? http://forum.xda-dev....php?p=34877656
  11. one more question: is it possible to add the option to kill apps by longpressing the back button? thanks
  12. y4ss1n

    CM10 Performance options

    smartassV2 noop
  13. yeah i also wonder why its not there lol btw, ive been using this rom for like 2 weeks now and didnt get any single reboot or signal loss (and i havent officially unlocked my boatloader yet)
  14. thanks for this new update, my phone feels faster & ram management is much better indeed right new this rom is perfect for me, except for the call volume issue (would be awesome if this gets fixed)

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