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  1. been using this rom for like a month now, its the first JB that i have used more than a week. excellent work and thanks again.
  2. ICS: Baidu, Slim JB: Slimbean, CM10.1 (joestone)
  3. miui doesnt have an app dawer (afaik), but u can download one in the playstore, just type 'app drawer' in search.
  4. slimbean 4.2.2, best jb rom ive used on this phone
  5. i duno about performance but slimbean has better battery
  6. http://www.merimobiles.com/huawei-ascend-g700-dual-sim-mtk6589-quad-core-1-2ghz-5-0-inch-720p-android4-2-2gb-ram-dual-cam_p/meri7399.htm
  7. depends which jellybean rom ur using tho... on slimbean (4.2.2) the battery is the same as ICS for me
  8. I wont say its faster than Slim ICS, but ive been on Slim ICS for like a month, then i switched to this rom (slimbean) 2 weeks ago, and i dont wanna go back to slim ics now.. this is the first jb rom which meets all my requirements.
  9. doesnt ZRAM make ur phone consume more battery? http://forum.xda-dev....php?p=34877656
  10. one more question: is it possible to add the option to kill apps by longpressing the back button? thanks
  11. yeah i also wonder why its not there lol btw, ive been using this rom for like 2 weeks now and didnt get any single reboot or signal loss (and i havent officially unlocked my boatloader yet)
  12. thanks for this new update, my phone feels faster & ram management is much better indeed right new this rom is perfect for me, except for the call volume issue (would be awesome if this gets fixed)
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