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  1. How much usable RAM memory does it have? Can anyone post SS of benchmark i'd really appriciate it.
  2. Hey, i'm currently running on b944, and i can't help to notice it's kinda slowish. Saw a guy earlier this morning on youtube running NFS:MW2 on g300 so smoothly. He said he is running on b952 and i was hoping someone could explain me the difference and should i upgrade. Thank you :)
  3. Hi, i hope i came to the right place no one else knew what my problem was about. So i bought 32gb kingstone micro sd card and since then i'm having problems with pictures and music. My pictures go missing, when i enter gallery i can se albums and they contain pictures which can't be accesed. They are blank. And furtheron music when i transfer it from PC i'm getting error Can't play or something like that. I'm on 4.0.3 ICS.
  4. I downloaded .zip file and copied it to the sd card but when i try to execute it via cwm i keep getting error. Something like bad manifest installation aborted. I tried downloading file multiple times because i tought it didn't download properly. Can anyone help?

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