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  1. Is this an official kit kat? Ziped or Y***??? ( i don't even know this other way to flash!)
  2. I have this problem. I freezed the NOVA launcher as I thought that I had installed the google now launcher. I closed all programs and restarted the phone. When loading it freezes to the Coolpad logo (Chinese letters). I have no copy of any ROM in my phone storage. So stupid of me not to keep the nandroid. I tried to follow the unbricking post but when I opened the Coolpad download assistant (v. 1.85) it asks to load or download a ROM i guess. It looks for CPB files in the computer though.In addittion ROM is in zip folder. What can I do? Any help please?
  3. 19.4 works fine at my super duper ZTE Blade. Thanks man. (Bluetooth connects kinda easier than previous builts. That's gooooood)
  4. After a few days of use (latest built) I can say that I'm amazed with the baterry autonomy compared to the previous builts. One MAJOR issue that I confront is that my Bluetooth headset is not even recognised by the phone even after restart. As I have noticed, many users have the same problem and I would liked to listen to their proposals. Besides these, I consider it as very fast and well organised ROM. Well done guys, great work. ps. Bluetooth is a very often used device from many people. It is worthy working on it from the developers.
  5. What does s2e help/improve this ROM? Don't yell at me I'm not familiar with the app :(
  6. Battery drain is the only reason I don't use this ROM any more. It is very important to have a reliable phone, not just a fancy one.
  7. (Lasts Built ROM) I wouldn't say that it lasts for 2 or 3 days (in my occassion) but for sure it is more "economical" than CM10.1.
  8. I will give a try to GPS Status... Tomorrow I will have the results!
  9. One major problem is that after 1 minute of GPS navigation the phone reboots. I tried it 5 times, same result every time :( I use GPS a lot so unfortunately I'm probably gonna change ROM soon.
  10. Impressions' Report after 6 days of use (27/01/2012 Built) Doesn't drain battery while phone is idle. Drains a lot of battery while phone calls. In general it is a nice ROM and stable enough, much more "economical" than CM10 that i used to charge twice a day. My only concern is the big battery drain while phone calls but at least my battery lasts much more than 24 hours. Thanx jventura keep going. ps. I have screenshot from battery usage but I don't know how to upload :/
  11. About that, do you reccomend wiping battery stats and when should that be done (before flashing rom, what battery level etc)
  12. Thank you very much. I'm gonna report my impressions after a few days of use.

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