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  1. Is this an official kit kat? Ziped or Y***??? ( i don't even know this other way to flash!)
  2. I have this problem. I freezed the NOVA launcher as I thought that I had installed the google now launcher. I closed all programs and restarted the phone. When loading it freezes to the Coolpad logo (Chinese letters). I have no copy of any ROM in my phone storage. So stupid of me not to keep the nandroid. I tried to follow the unbricking post but when I opened the Coolpad download assistant (v. 1.85) it asks to load or download a ROM i guess. It looks for CPB files in the computer though.In addittion ROM is in zip folder. What can I do? Any help please?
  3. 19.4 works fine at my super duper ZTE Blade. Thanks man. (Bluetooth connects kinda easier than previous builts. That's gooooood)
  4. After a few days of use (latest built) I can say that I'm amazed with the baterry autonomy compared to the previous builts. One MAJOR issue that I confront is that my Bluetooth headset is not even recognised by the phone even after restart. As I have noticed, many users have the same problem and I would liked to listen to their proposals. Besides these, I consider it as very fast and well organised ROM. Well done guys, great work. ps. Bluetooth is a very often used device from many people. It is worthy working on it from the developers.
  5. What does s2e help/improve this ROM? Don't yell at me I'm not familiar with the app :(
  6. Battery drain is the only reason I don't use this ROM any more. It is very important to have a reliable phone, not just a fancy one.
  7. (Lasts Built ROM) I wouldn't say that it lasts for 2 or 3 days (in my occassion) but for sure it is more "economical" than CM10.1.
  8. One major problem is that after 1 minute of GPS navigation the phone reboots. I tried it 5 times, same result every time :( I use GPS a lot so unfortunately I'm probably gonna change ROM soon.
  9. Impressions' Report after 6 days of use (27/01/2012 Built) Doesn't drain battery while phone is idle. Drains a lot of battery while phone calls. In general it is a nice ROM and stable enough, much more "economical" than CM10 that i used to charge twice a day. My only concern is the big battery drain while phone calls but at least my battery lasts much more than 24 hours. Thanx jventura keep going. ps. I have screenshot from battery usage but I don't know how to upload :/
  10. About that, do you reccomend wiping battery stats and when should that be done (before flashing rom, what battery level etc)
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