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  1. Ok thanks for response but I'll kept for now on stock + R6, until someone confirms. I have already sent a phone to the service and would not again. :)
  2. I got the phone back, they changed the motherboard in the service. Warranty recognized :) Again, I have xinyh memory. :(
  3. I'm not mad on nobody and if my phone is dead. No one ever forced to install the CM or any other ROM. It was my personal choice and the rest of you, so I do not think you should not blame anyone. Daz thank you for all you've done for g300. Btw I sent my phone on service and we will see what will be but it will take a 2-3 weeks. :rolleyes: And forgive me for my bad English :)
  4. And another phone is dead after yesterday nightly. :( Go to service
  5. Wi-Fi working for me. I have last bulid 20131020-NIGHTLY. OMG 3.4 kernel :) and no more green bugs with camera. Great work Dazzozo :)
  6. Confirm new kernel working little better and very smooth. Antutu benchmark score with the new karnel is 4182 and 4094 with old kernel. I don't problem with signal bars! Great work Kra1o5!
  7. When I want to send an MMS messages application stops working. :( Any solution for an MMS? I use the last PAC R10... Everything else works well and is very fast gps :) Thanks!
  8. Thank you dakok. I flash this gapps https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B4jfGTZioWRWRjJ0aFlrMjhZMEE&usp=sharing and working fine for now.
  9. Thanks jsevi83 I tested the upload speed is increased and the download was the same Rom- B952-slim-v11 HSDPA:9 HSDPA:11
  10. Here you go http://forum.android...=3739&start=300 http://www.4shared.c...a_bruno_v2.html
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