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  1. So this is just a repack of what already exists, nothing new? And what does "Fast and smooth" is supposed to mean? Did you do anything relevant?
  2. What about MXPlayer with hw+? Can anyone try it please?
  3. mop11123

    PA or AOKP for Ascend G300?

    I don't like to be "that" guy either but, it's kind of true. If you have problems with file naming, don't dream to high in porting something to some phone, you might disappoint yourself.
  4. Wiping Dalvik cache doesn't really do anything helpful related to this.
  5. Seriously? Why don't you bother to read the most recent comments? Go make yourself less lazy.
  6. Rule of thumb in Linux, if it starts to act up, you fix it. Either way, if you just "tweak" ROM's you might not need Linux at all, but if you do real development you better get Linux installed, otherwise Windows will be the one "acting up".
  7. mop11123


    Yeah, it's not really usable in this state. /:
  8. mop11123


    It's not as smooth as CyanongenMod, is it?
  9. It's because the the only thing that the app causes is an increase to the CPU clock.
  10. How could they? he made sure that no one had access to his so acclaimed work by deleting everything. Now he is just some random guy who made a whiny post and run off to get some attention.
  11. He posted something, didn't like the answers he got and for some twisted reason decided to erase everything he posted so far here. This is childish behavior. If you want to give, don't take it away.
  12. Hmm, I'm going to try that. Thanks. But the question is: do people know how to provide a useful log file? We have to consider that people who try this ROM are not only the experienced ones, but also the ones who bought their first Android yesterday and are looking for the latest thing. Expecting people to report detailed reports with logs and everything without mentioning it anywhere or explaining how, it's a bit too much for a forum.
  13. I'm facing the same issue with the LED, the only color I get is the purple one. But I think it's a kernel problem, no app will fix this.
  14. - For some reason, Google Now speech crashes. Not the cards itself, but when speaking to it. I tried to flash the ROM twice, same result. - Camera takes a long time taking a picture; - Critical: hw+ acceleration doesn't work anymore on MXPlayer, the player just quits itself when trying to open a video. Otherwise, stable ROM, very fast and smooth.
  15. mop11123


    Is there any way to turn on the vsync on this Rom? The animations are not as smooth as the Infusion or CM10.

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