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  1. Combat Gerbil

    Omg a scratch!

    Not at all... it will still resist scratching more so than ordinary glass. But don't expect it to be unscratchable. Just like watches, some are water resistant, so a quick dip will be fine. Whilst others are waterproof and can be immersed for lengthier periods and to greater depths.
  2. Apps will continue to work regardless of where they are installed. Changing the default storage just means that the new location is where apps will now be installed (unless they only work from internal then they will be installed there)
  3. Combat Gerbil

    Omg a scratch!

    Scratch resistant will resist scratching but will be damaged by objects harder than itself. ie: glass will be resistant to being scratched by steel but not by diamond. Scratch proof would indicate being unable to be scratched by anything.. which would need to be harder than diamond. Not possible.
  4. Combat Gerbil

    HUAWEI g510 creaking

    Likewise... creaks a lot but not so much in the case I use.
  5. As they ship in the UK with B171 as standard AFIK that is what you should have originally had...
  6. Combat Gerbil

    Video Codecs

    Second for MX Player.
  7. How did you manage to get 183 mb free?? Mine gets just over 100 free max..
  8. Has anyone got any further with this at all??.. it's bloody annoying...
  9. Combat Gerbil

    Root your G510

    I think I now know what you mean thanks to Andy.. maybe... have you un zipped (unrar) the file first. for this you would need "winrar" to unzip it then copy the dload folder itself to the sdcard. you could use a file explorer such as "ES file explorer" to un rar the file directly on the phone. then make sure to copy the dload folder to the root of the card.
  10. Combat Gerbil

    Root your G510

    The steps we've done for root don't require the bootloader unlock... there is a seperate set of instructions for root and boot... I don't know what Voxpop2011 is doing wrong to get a pinkscreen when trying to run the update.app..
  11. Combat Gerbil

    Root your G510

    You need to start the phone holding down the power + vol up and vol down ... all three buttons. the phone should then run the update file.
  12. Combat Gerbil

    Root your G510

    So after you have turned off the phone, (and if not disabled fastboot removed the battery for a few seconds) You then restart the phone holding down the power up vol and down vol you get the huawei logo not the pink loading line that indicates the phone is accessing the update file. Which you cave copied to the sd card inside the dload folder.
  13. Combat Gerbil

    Root your G510

    Try the B170: http://www.solidfile...m/d/8bbd3b75e1/ instead.. that may work for you.
  14. Combat Gerbil

    Root your G510

    I just followed these steps below.. you don't need the B173 boot.img.. 1) Install the G510 drivers on your computer: http://www.solidfile...m/d/c22779a3f2/ 2) Install the Unlock Root 3.1 on your computer: http://www.solidfile...m/d/53794302f9/ 3) Install the boot.img Update.app with the B165: http://www.solidfile...m/d/c32cf84149/ in the usual way from SD card. (start phone holding power, vol up and vol down.) Boot.img ** If the B165 does not work well, try the B170: http://www.solidfile...m/d/8bbd3b75e1/ 5) Start the phone, go to "Settings> Development" and activate the "USB debugging". 6) Connect your phone to your computer and run the program Unlock Root. When the phone is detected, click "ROOT". When finished close the program, unplug the cable and restart the phone
  15. Combat Gerbil

    latest software

    No online option on mine... I'll have a mooch around and see if there's something I'm missing..
  16. Combat Gerbil

    latest software

    How?? only local ones for me too..
  17. English User guide in full. http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/downloadCenter.do?method=toDownloadFile&flay=document&softid=NDcxNjM=
  18. Combat Gerbil

    [solved ] songs not detecting xolo x900 ICS

    Some devices only scan internal memory for media files, depending on which storage is set as default. Check by copying a few track to the internal memory and then scan for the media files.
  19. Combat Gerbil

    Huawei G510 Review

    Absolutely, the rear case is a little creaky though, but Mine is now in a Tough gel type case that makes feel even more solid... and heaven forbid, adds to the weight by a few grams ;-)
  20. Combat Gerbil

    Huawei G510 Review

    Too heavy!!!!??? It's 150 grams, not a chuffing Breeze Block you know...
  21. File info only gave me the bitrate, didn't show the fps.. I'll run more tests later.
  22. Right... been doing some video testing this morning.. Using LGcamera, you can get 720 recording and playback... BUT... the framerate is a miserable 13fps in good light and only 3.7mb bitrate. at 800x480 in LGcamera you get 19fps and 9.8mb bitrate ,640x480 in LGcamera you get 24fps and 10mb bitrate, using default Camera at 640x480 29fps and 5mb bitrate. The framerates vary slightly in varying light as it's sunny today and been testing indoors. I did try 864x480 resolution using h263 video codec and 8 Mb bitrate but shows no fps in properties so unsure at this stage. I'll try using this setting in daily use and see how it goes.
  23. You only have to pay the top up if you're not already on Voda PAYG... I bought mine for £130 without top up..
  24. Combat Gerbil

    Ascend G510 accessories

    I bought this one in Black http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271197633070?var=570155131302&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 Ordered 29th April, arrived this morning.. good tight fit, one thing I have noticed so far is that none of them have the cut out for the noise cancelling mic on the back.. Have to reserve judgement on how this may effect the calling quality outgoing..

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