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  1. Omegavesko which is the best rom of android 4.2.2?
  2. Thanks omegavesko, i will install 64 bit linux, and i will update slimbean :P
  3. And 32 bits? I thought that with version can not compile, really? I've got a linux 32 bits and here is the error: [email protected]:~$ cd aaa [email protected]:~/aaa$ source build/envsetup.sh including device/zte/skate/vendorsetup.sh including vendor/slim/vendorsetup.sh including sdk/bash_completion/adb.bash [email protected]:~/aaa$ lunch slim_skate-userdebug /bin/bash: prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-linux-androideabi-4.6/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-gcc: no se puede ejecutar el fichero binario (The file can't be run)
  4. Sorry for my question, but can i compile a rom with ubuntu 64 bits?
  5. @C3CO Could you publish the links of source code? Thanks
  6. Ok now tethering runs perfectly with these commands... But wifi tethering has problems. Other bug from the rom is when the phone is turn on 5 minutes, after, the camera don't save my photos. And could you expalin my how to sync with the latest cm and pa repos?
  7. @C3CO I've thought that the problem isn't on my computer i thought that is the android source code or anything. It doesn't matter don't work more on this, the room is so good. :P You can see my computer by skype or teamviewer, but nothing happens if native tethering don't work. Please look if you can give me your skype for talk, because i'm interested on develop android... Thank you :)
  8. Here you have the link from the problem that has detected windows after flashing and wipping. Yes i have used different pc, but it can't conect. Could you give me the comand for the cmd for see the packets? http://img542.images.../internetsb.png
  9. Ok I have tested this update, but it doesn't run perfectly. The problem is that the device hasn't got a valid IP, and the second problem is the gateway isn't good I will see your update and i will modify, for correct the error. Look if you know where is the problem.
  10. Thank you very much. Great job! I will try and i will post

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