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  1. Hooray! Skate development is not dead. (better well be, Im not moving to another device soon;))
  2. Link2sd is probably your best option. Look at play store for it, it is free. Proximity sensor can be calibrated in settings/advanced.
  3. You must enable nav bar to get pie.
  4. Not as feature rich as some other but it's definitely the fastest rom out there. Going in and out of apps, launcher, Swype keyboard... it's pretty much lag free. Thanks for the effort of making this available on our Skate.
  5. Yeah, I forgot. I see a poster having problems changing DPI via buildprop file. Could it be because of gapps? I have in mind installing ceco's "multi-dpi" package and than edit the buildprop. I'm guessing that might do the trick.
  6. Thanks Pleg. Will try it out now. Will backup SlimBean though, its quite a ROM.
  7. 2 questions. Is 200 mb system partittion enough to install rom and gapps? I ask cause I see the installation zip is a bit bigger... How does nova behave, any lags?
  8. Camera went dead. It starts, shows black screen (buttons are visible though) and moment later shuts down and says: "Gallery has stopped working". Any ideas?
  9. Bandaranaike

    Post you home screen piciture :D

    ^ Found it on Wallbase HD wallpapers app under "blue space" search.
  10. Multitasking on SlimBean is noticeably faster than on RootBox thats for sure.
  11. No PIE in Slimbean makes it not good enough for me.
  12. Yeah, i used it for a while as a part of bottom status bar in tablet mode, but its not ideal. Pie is excellent solution.
  13. Yup. Pie is essential for me as well.
  14. Thans for the info, appreciate it very much.
  15. There isn't. You must take out the app from some other gapps package and paste it in the system/ apps folder. Use root explorer or something like that and don't forget to change permissions in the file.
  16. Bandaranaike

    Post you home screen piciture :D

    Well instead plain home screen (it's just dash clock anyway) here are my desktop previews. Launcher is Holo hd.
  17. Ok I shall try it to see for myself. That is the best.
  18. Guys can somebody please write how does this rom compare to root box in terms of speeds and responsiveness? I ask because rb is quite fast and id be hard pressed to give up all the functionality which, I see, slim bean lacks.
  19. Stunning development thank you. I have folks with much better phones drooling over my device.

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