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  1. I believe that it's related. Since I installed cronmod int2ext 2 builds ago, I am no longer able to update the rom
  2. can i use the method on page one and can it be reverted so i would not void the warranty?
  3. Regarding the camera, I find it impossible to get a decent picture if people are not standing perfectly still. Is that normal?
  4. I have seen other people with these issues but on a Nexus. Is this something to do with the ROM or is t something else?
  5. Is anyone having a problem when switching from wifi to 3g i get a grey icon at the top and no data? it does not happen every time and then i have to enable/airplane mode to get data again or reboot.
  6. I have just tried it and i have no issues! * Also for the ones having problems with s2e...I also had extreme slowliness, but after 2/3 reboots everything worked fine and my blade is running fast.
  7. is anyone having issues with video playback? i have used mx player, qqplayer and rock player, but its always choppy.
  8. I also would like just for a simple lockscreen with a pattern. Anyways...Thanks Konstat for this great rom
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