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  1. Great rom KonstaT ! Good Work. :)
  2. Welcome Again ! and Thank You.
  3. kk75

    [DEV][ROM][20.10.] OmniROM (Android 4.3)

    Hi KonstaT What is the difference the Omni between CM rom ? Regards
  4. The new version, when coming ? I think the 4.2.2 is not old rom, please update. :) Regards
  5. Great work KonstaT, your Rom close to perfect. :)
  6. Bug : Wi-Fi not return back, when phone go back from sleep (Advanced wi-fi>Keep Wi-fi on during sleep>Never(increase data usage).
  7. Yes. Faster and more user settings options. But if u need 99% stability, use Aurora Borealis http://www.modaco.co...s1-android-404/ (from KonstaT).
  8. Great work KontstaT ! Many thanks. :)
  9. "Is this ROM the best option if I want a stable and reliable ROM?" Yes, stable and working all. (Thanks again KonstaT)

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