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  1. Propably never, actually I'm working on new D3D11 game engine project, so I don't have enough time to working on it.
  2. I can confirm it. I can confirm it, i've got similar results on stock "PLAY" rom :)
  3. please be patient, im working on it ;). I still can't get tablet ui working ;f almost everything else is working :)
  4. mostly bad scaling after paranoid mode changer ;P but i think i've repaired it already and i'm building now ;) I think i will be able to upload it tomorrow.
  5. RootBox is AOKP based, im trying to build 4.1.2 version ;) /// Edit RootBox for atlas40 compiled successfully!! Time for testing ;)) Package complete: /home/x6itru/Root-Box/out/target/product/atlas40/RootBox-JB-atlas40-Nightly-20130331.zip c3e084eead9480931f7515de584bf5de RootBox-JB-atlas40-Nightly-20130331.zip // Ok its booted, and its working! :) But some thing are not working ;)
  6. I've just downloaded RootBox sources, and if you want to use build-pac.sh you just have to set permissions for this file ;) sudo chmod 777 build-pac.sh sudo ./build-pac.sh atlas40 I'm building root-box at the moment.
  7. i have this error sometimes too, but i dont know how to repair it maybe try clean build : source build/envsetup.sh && lunch make clean make
  8. ahhh fail ;p I was thinking that it's getting these informations from build.prop not from default.prop ( i didnt know that - thanks! ), so he just need stock recovery ;___;
  9. connect your phone to the PC, enable usb debugging, type in console : adb push /pathtonewbuildprop/build.prop /system/build.prop or put it on sdcard and just replace it via root explorer.
  10. get build.prop from http://firmware.pp.ua/zte-blade-3/ and replace it in your system folder, it should work then.
  11. now i've got : http://scr.hu/0jlf/yw1vn <-- any ideas? ;s crashing on target Dex : framework @@Zainster, please change topic name to Blade3 Development or something.
  12. ro.product.name in your build prop != "P772N10" you can edit update-script in your package or edit your build.prop file. BTW are you sure you can flash it in cwm? This pack is from zte.com.cn?
  13. @KonstaT any ideas? ;P fckin java lol. @@[email protected]@ I've started clean build, maybe it helps :P @@[email protected]@ still sigsegv -.-'
  14. I've almost compiled paranoid android,but I'm getting sigsegv from java at the end :D I hate java ;__;
  15. I've just started downloading Paranoid Android source. I'll make port of this rom in this week.
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