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  1. I did so but I did a full wipe after Sound Search for Google Play doesn't appear in the widget drawer. But also after full wipe, it's not enabled (of course I enabled it in the online kitchen) is this a bug? I need to defrost it via Titanium Backup but after reboot it's frosted again :(
  2. Thanks Paul Can I do a dirty flash coming from CM10.1?
  3. After some minutes the active app closes It happens while I'm listening to music with Play Music or while I navigate with Google Maps but not only with Google apps also when I play a game for example. I made a clean install and it's not an issue of the kernel. Any idea how to fix?
  4. I have issues with NFC. It only works after reboot, and after some time it doesn't Any ideas how to fix?
  5. Ok. But I downloaded my ROM last Saturday but build date is March 1
  6. How often does MCMCR get updated?
  7. Ah, my fault. I forgot that there's a specific version for CM... Tried the AOSP version... *dumb*:lol:
  8. Hey guys. Just would like to know which kernel you're using. On Jr9 I used the _motley because of the msm_hsic_host wakelock. But it's seems not to work on r8. So I switched to enhanced stock kernel by faux123. And you?
  9. Thanks for the update. What's so special about AdBlock? I'm using AdFree and I'm pretty happy so far.
  10. The guys of Paranoid Android posted on g+ that Google recently updated 4.2.2 Are these updates part of Jr9? Paul, thanks for your great job!
  11. Would be nice if you remove this also on Nexus 4
  12. It's running fast, smooth & stable! Thanks for ya great job!
  13. Him, I also tried it, but I couldn't see my Friends - they could only see me :unsure:
  14. Well, it doesn't go away on my n7. What did you do?
  15. Thanks. Jr8 is working great. Also vibration does work ;) Do you use Google Latitude? Location sharing drains the battery of the n4 much more than on S2 i9100 (which I had before). Can you agree?

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