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  1. Disclaimer : Total n00b here! Some insights... "An SOC's Boot ROM is responsible for setting up the SOC to a very basic level (using the BCT), setting up SDRAM and figuring out where the boot loader is. This is typically capable of loading the boot loader from USB, SPI flash, UART, eMMC / SD card and NAND flash. The Boot ROM is part of the SOC and cannot be changed other than by making a new chip. Some Boot ROMs include security features which require that boot code be signed by a special tool. Typically, Boot ROM consists of 16-32 KB of code." Trying to load an unlocked 'boot loader' from SD card might work? http://www.chromium.org/chromium-os/firmware-update Our SoC mode is similar to their emergency mode? http://forums.wpcentral.com/huawei-ascend-w1/229445-those-who-get-their-w1-market-locked-china.html There are multiple ways of booting up an SoC? http://www.design-reuse.com/articles/21308/serial-boot-soc.html
  2. and were you able to flash them?
  3. Probably not. This the build.prop (file from androidxda). This one has a higher build revision version (compared to original 299MB update.zip) and later build date. Probably a patched version. But it is a positive sign to get even this patched rom flashed since there are no official signed patched rom available yet. # begin build properties # autogenerated by buildinfo.sh ro.build.display.id=IMM76D ro.build.version.incremental=1021.211438 ro.build.version.sdk=15 ro.build.version.codename=REL ro.build.version.release=4.0.4 ro.build.date=Sun Oct 21 21:15:12 CST 2012 ro.build.date.utc=1350825312 ro.build.type=user ro.build.user=svnadmin ro.build.host=nataku09 ro.product.board=mfld ro.product.cpu.abi=x86 ro.product.locale.language=en ro.wifi.channels= ro.board.platform=mrst # ro.build.product is obsolete; use ro.product.device ro.build.product=mfld_pr2 # Do not try to parse ro.build.description or .fingerprint ro.build.characteristics=nosdcard # end build properties # # ADDITIONAL_BUILD_PROPERTIES # keyguard.no_require_sim=true ro.com.android.dateformat=MM-dd-yyyy ro.config.notification_sound=pixiedust.ogg ro.config.alarm_alert=Alarm_Classic.ogg dalvik.vm.heapstartsize=8m dalvik.vm.heapgrowthlimit=64m dalvik.vm.heapsize=256m ro.ril.status.polling.enable=0 ro.product.cpu.abi2=armeabi-v7a ro.config.personality=compat_layout net.bt.name=Android dalvik.vm.stack-trace-file=/data/anr/traces.txt ro.intel.corp.email=1 ro.product.brand=intel ro.product.model=Xolo_X900 ro.product.name=XOLO_X900 ro.product.device=blackbay ro.product.manufacturer=intel ro.build.tags=release-keys ro.build.id=AZ510_ICS_02.24I ro.build.revision=V2.240 ro.product.locale.region=UK ro.setupwizard.mode=DISABLED ro.com.google.gmsversion=4.0_r7 ro.com.google.clientidbase=android-intel ro.com.google.clientidbase.ms=android-intel ro.com.google.clientidbase.yt=android-intel ro.com.google.clientidbase.am=android-intel ro.com.google.clientidbase.gmm=android-intel ro.com.google.clientidbase.vs=android-intel persist.sys.timezone=Asia/Calcutta ro.product.defaultime=latinime ro.product.defaultLatinIME=1 camera.social=1 camera.panorama=1 camera.dcim=1 drm.service.enabled=1 ro.camera.sound.forced=1 ro.config.sound_fx_volume=-20 ro.config.ringtone=Gimme_Mo_Town.ogg ro.product.statusbarwidget=1 ro.sms.encodemode=0 ro.sms.service.preference=3 ro.com.android.dataroaming=false ro.gan.enable=2 ro.dtm.disable=1 ro.build.description=mfld_pr2-user 4.0.4 AZ510_ICS_02.24I 1021.211438 release-keys ro.build.fingerprint=intel/XOLO_X900/blackbay:4.0.4/AZ510_ICS_02.24I/1021.211438:user/release-keys ro.ibuild.revision=7736
  4. http://translate.google.co.in/translate?hl=en&sl=ru&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Flenovo-forums.ru%2Ftopic%2F1817-customrom-%D0%BF%D1%80%D0%BE%D1%88%D0%B8%D0%B2%D0%BA%D0%B0-k900-row-009-0131-01082013-%D0%BE%D1%82-l-fru%2Fpage-3 Some guys doing similar things with k900(clovertail device). In 2nd post one guy is complaining about the flashing process stopping at 'fastboot erase data'. and in the 4th post saying that he corrected it somehow. translation is not very good in that part. What i can understand is that he ditched virutalbox and installed software on win 7. (don't take this as spamming or anything. I mean no harm. Just passing info so someone with experience who would not bother digging for it can use it somehow)
  5. founde a better way to enter SOC mode. Press camera button and plug in device(switched off) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2283433
  6. Just sharing something i observed. with this new piece of tool i can find 4 different connection statuses. MOS - switched on device connected POS - Device in droid boot connected COS - Switched off device connected while keeping volume down pressed SOC (SOC serial number is displayed)- Simultaneously pressing power and camera briefly while in droidboot all the while keeping the device connected on USB (this mode persists for just 1 min). When entering this mode for the first time a driver gets installed and device manager shows a new device named Medfield under intel group.
  7. http://www.modaco.com/topic/362574-solved-problem-of-screen-flashing-different-colors-after-flashing-updatezip-after-installing-37mb-or-12mb-update-on-xolo-ics-rom/ hope you have a hdmi capable tv and proper cables. just in case
  8. No. I didn't try flashing it. Just loaded the flash.xml. Thats all. Thought that this info shouldn't go unnoticed. So posted.
  9. debug level log with update.zip(299MB from xolo site) in the tools folder and selecting flash.xml that came with the tool.

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