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  1. I removed one of the two camera apps. I left the one where you can change from picture to video from inside the app. Also, it is faster. At this app, flash does not seem to work.
  2. 1) I know why that happens. At your instructions for the 8GB version over at hdblog.it you say that the ext4 partition must be 1260MB but the actual Twister image is 1249MB. So the rest 12MB are set as unallocated space causing issues. Change it to 1249 and it should be just fine. 2) After some boots, Fubo WinMo cannot enter the Start Menu when clicking the bottom-left windows logo. It just does nothing. I have found another way to enter the menu so it does not really bother me. Also, a password prompt comes up sometimes that I cancel. Do these happen to you too? 3) About the camera, flash does not seem to work for me.
  3. How can a partition like this magically appear? I will now restore my backup but most probably I have to remake the partitions under Ubuntu otherwise I will encounter problems (even linux swap not working), right?
  4. Mmm, not v7, I'm talking about Twister v1.0 which is way better. You should try that. It is very improved compaired to v7 and v8. It works great with Holo Launcher and Task Manager. I only removed the second camera and Explorer+. Maybe one or two more things but in general it works faster and reliably.
  5. wait, this clock thing happens with a SIM card inserted as well? I hope not.
  6. http://www.modaco.co...60#entry2080202 5) At WiFi settings there are two AndroidAP networks. Well, both of them. Are they needed?
  7. Hi spider: 1) If there is no SIM or the date is not set to automatic, it resets at every boot. 2) I had Holo uninstalled. If I install it now, will it work as you made it originally (you said that it is locked in memory via script)? 3) Same as question 2 but now for Task Manager 1.8.1 4) Is that name at Linux Swap normal? My partitions look like this. 5) At Wifi settings, can I remove the two AndroidAP networks? 6) Play Store updated to a latter version, should I uninstall the updates? Edit: Never mind about 2,3. I was smart enough to do a hard reset at the completely stuck WinMo. I lost everything android-related. When I find the courage to start over I'd like to know 1,4,5 and 6 though.
  8. Nice, everything works great. Even 2G stays enabled after reboot. It is very snappy and with Advanced Task Manager the memory cleaning becomes way more easy and automatic.
  9. will I loose my custom partitions made inside Linux?
  10. Ok, I didn't use setcpu eventually because it's not free so I cannot try it first and also your tweaks seem to be working great. You have done an amazing job with Twister, congratulations! I decided to do my own Image For Windows backup so that I can restore "my version" later on. Should I change any settings at the program before I procceed with Backup(Full)? Also since I don't care about WinMo do you happen to know a very light and fast rom that will boot faster before Haret?
  11. Ha,ha google translator. Ok, Titanium Backup works great. I had to update SuperUser though. 1) If I set Available governors to Performance under SpicagenMod settings what impact will it have at battery and performace? I enabled it to have better performance and less battery drain. Should I disable it? 2) Also, although my current launcher i set as Home default (have verified that via manage programs), should I also enable Lock home in memory at SpicagenMod settings > Performace? Basically, appart from Espier Launcher I don't want any other fancy stuff like animations etc.. I just want to make it run as fast as possible. Should I change something else for that?
  12. Ok now it is more stable and I applies more tweaks to save battery life which goes down fast btw. Compared to v8 Google Play is now working great. I also added a 2GB SD and now the camera app is working too. Spiderman1961, have you tried Espier Launcher? It looks better and is also faster for me, here is the final look(other language but look is the same): Now the questions: 1) Now that I have Espier, is there a way to uninstall Holo Launcher? Pretty much for every preinstalled app there is no way to be uninstalled. 2) I enabled 2G/3G toggle at the top-down widget and now it won't let me disable it from settings. It is greayed out at ON. 3) For me, enabling 2G only networks does stay after a reboot and it does not reset to default. Maybe it has to do with question 2? 4) I check the battery usage page via settings and I see that Cell Standby takes pretty much most my battery. I tested with and without SIM where there is good signal. Is this normal? 5) What's the name of this small app that automatically cleans the memory in the background, the one that was at bottom-right corner of Holo Launcher?
  13. Ok, I just installed Twister: 1) I'm really impressed with the feel of it, and I really like the rotation feauture as well as the top-down settings panel. 2) The buttons are now correctly working as they should. 3) The camera app looks different, more rich and better. 4) In general the fewer applications for ram managment makes it cleaner, great work on that. 5) However, it is even laggier than v8. At boot it is around 51MB which is somewhat ok. After 5-10 minutes of usage and testing it goes to 32MB of RAM which is very noticable. The ram cleaner did not help afterwards. 6) It keeps requesting for an SD card for the camera to work. I don't have an SD as I've the 8GB version. 7) It would be nice if by default the language was English because with the new theme it took me some minutes to find the setting to change it. 8) At many instances it might become completely non-responsive and require something like 5 minutes to finally say that the application is not responding and must be closed. It happened at the last step of google play store setup, at an app manager and at the browser until now. 9) WiFi does not autodetect networks. It works manually though. 10) Google Play Store keeps saying that I have to sign-in when I start it.
  14. I was thinking of going to v7 because v8 feels slow to me but now I'd like to see the Twister version. Some questions: 1) At v7 does WiFi work because it only says about GPS and Bluetooth which are not important to me. 2) Are the buttons fixed at Twister to reflect the actual Omnia II keys? It is something that you forgot at v8, that's why I'm asking. 3) Twister is based on v8 so we must use the default kernel that you provide, right?

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