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  1. HI, I just installed ISC B961 version and it has camera sounds when I take a picture. Could someone teach me how to remove that sound, my phone is rooted, but I don't know how to remove that, it is so annoying. please help EDIT: Already got help from this thread http://www.modaco.com/topic/355640-chinese-ics-camera-sounds/ sorry for posting without searching about this.
  2. YEEHAA! installed B888 rom by zeroing Imei and after I restored Imei then I installed vendor package and now I have version, what I had when I bought this phone:) Thank you all for helping me, im so happy right now:D If anyone has same problem, contact me, Ill try to help you:)
  3. should I download B888 update.app what has vendor with it and use Imei changing method? would it get me toggles on notification bar? Or does B882 have vendor too? if it does please add download link:)
  4. of the very first time when I did that about 6months ago, when I wanted to downgrade from ics back to gb that I dont have, but what I did two days ago, I have, but this doesn't help I think. When I buy new phone in next 3-4 years, I will never mod it and won't install any Roms:D:D
  5. Today updated from B882 to B885, both don't have it, but B882 should have that option. And I even had B895 rom, that didn't have it too:/ but when i bought phone, then I had those shortcuts but sadly don't remember what rom then I had.
  6. I don't have those wifi, bluetooth shortcuts on notification bar, but it should have like in this picture: http://cdn.idg.com.au/gim/id/57138/res/4
  7. kerrit

    Micro SD card

    Thanks, atleast I found my few weeks older backup of that sd card:) I hope that warranty works on that and can get new one.
  8. Hello, I didnt know where to post about this problem, so I just post it here. I bought few months ago Toshiba 16gb micro SD HC card for my android Huawei Acend G300 it worked fine for two months, in computer and in my phone, but yesteday after I listened music my android made restart by itself. I tought it was nothing so I went to sleep. But in the morning I saw that my mobile says that I have no sd card insterted into phone. I made restart to my phone, took battery out and took sd card off and put those back in, but still didnt find my sd card. Then I put my sd card into computer with micro sd card adapter but it cant find my sd card too. it doesnt reconize it. Please does anyone can help me with that? I had important stuff on that card, Thank You For Reading PS! Sorry for my english I hope you understood what I was saying.
  9. Yes I did zero my IMEI but I restored after installing rom back and its normal now. And factory reset didn't help
  10. Hello, I downgraded my phone today from B895 to B882 but both of them didn't have shortcuts on notification bar, but they actually had to have those and even power saving option in settings. Does anyone now how to get shortcuts on the notification bar? right now it is empty and in settings I can't get those back. Please help. Thanks! PS! Sorry for my english, if you didn't understand what I sayd then Ill send some pictures of my notification bar:)
  11. Sorry I made accidentally second topic too, first one is here
  12. Thanks I*ll try that tomorrow:)
  13. what does that Yoigo Spain mean on B883?
  14. kerrit

    Best ROM for my phone

    Damn I really want that B900 ROM :D, but cand find download link, does anyone know link for that?
  15. Hello, I have B895 ROM on my G300, but I want to upgrade it back to B900 ROM, Does anyone know where to download B900 ROM? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks

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