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  1. just send it to service, tell them it died while charging, nothing more, you'll get phone board replaced. in my case it came back with zero imei. and i recovered it with cdma tool
  2. guys i dont know why, but while i was using this rom(im not trying to blame anyone!!) and my phone just died while charging. no O/C or anything. anyway i got it repaired for free. but i wonder if this is beeing caused from non official bootloader or just faulty boards. did anyone herd of someone's phone died with stock bootloader ?
  3. Is it possible to make the rom, when first time booted, the data option to be default OFF ? because many times got charged for mobile data each time -1E. :unsure: I know i could remove sim card but i mostly forget about that :D
  4. very nice work just some restarts that i dont really care. :D thank you daz!!
  5. class defines the speed performance of the sd card
  6. how can i flash those 3 files ? i wanna try them i tryed put them in folder in cwm backup dir but md5 fails
  7. old topic but anyway check here http://www.ebay.com/itm/SanDisk-Mobile-Ultra-30MB-s-Extreme-64GB-microSDXC-micro-SDXC-micro-SD-Card-/230916961160?pt=PDA_Accessories&hash=item35c3b93388 :D very cool im buying one now
  8. guys why the battery after fully charged when i unplug the charger goes in 5minutes to 90% ? its about calibration? my phone is brand new charged 3rd time
  9. ofc you can do that go to cwm >backup and restore>backup to external sdcard then to restore u press restore from external sd card (note if u have any media files in the internal storage of the phone make sure u remove them, otherwise backup will be huge and slow to build and restore)
  10. I tryed 926 and did not worked for me also 935 didnt worked still on ics stock searching around for a fix
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